Smackdown: Jimmy Uso returning to side with Roman Reigns?

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Smackdown: Jimmy Uso returning to side with Roman Reigns?

In the episode dedicated to the plunge into the past of Friday Night Smackdown, WWE wanted to give its fans a new surprise, after the returns and debuts on Raw, with Mansoor who has signed his contract with the main roster and with Eva Marie, which instead presented his return after years out of WWE.

Also during this night's episode of the blue show, WWE unveiled the return of one of its long-absent Superstars, Jimmy Uso. Jey's twin brother, as well as Roman Reigns's younger cousin, in fact reappeared by surprise at the beginning of the episode of the blue show, presented by that elder cousin who had brutally attacked him in the I Quit Hell in a Cell match of the homonymous ppv last year.

Initially, it seemed that Jey's twin did not agree at all with his brother regarding the collaboration with the elder cousin of the two, with Jimmy having in fact gone to discuss heavily with Jey to bring him back to reason, especially remembering what had happened.

in the I Quit. Eventually, Roman Reigns also tried to figure out which side the returning cousin was, asking both Jey and Paul Heyman for clarification. At the end of the episode, Roman Reigns came out once again in the ring, accompanied by Heyman, also asking for the intervention of the two twin cousins ​​to definitively end the family history that was becoming more convoluted than it should.

Jimmy Uso has thus decided to leave the ring, turning his back once again to the Tribal Chief, taking his brother Jey with him. Everything then changed when Cesaro returned once again to attack Roman Reigns from behind, with Jey first and then Jimmy, who rushed to save the members of his family, from the fury of Smackdown's Swiss, who managed to land everyone.

, one by one. Jimmy Uso has also returned to the side of Roman Reigns, but apparently, Cesaro has something for everyone.

John Cena Sr .: "The new Undertaker and Kane are..."

John Cena Sr. can't understand why WWE didn't want to turn Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt into modern versions of Kane and The Undertaker. In 1997, the character of Glenn Jacobs made his federation debut in Stamford as the brother of The Undertaker.

The two superstars continued to interact with each other for the next two decades, eventually becoming iconic faces of the company both in the eyes of fans and their peers. Speaking with Dan Mirade of Boston Wrestling MWF, the father of 16-time world champion John Cena criticized WWE's choice of not giving Dallas enough opportunities.

The former NXT champion was expected to engage in a feud with another much-discussed wrestler, namely The Fiend. He said: "WWE has missed a huge chance to give life to the new Kane and The Undertaker, who could have looked like Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt.

Maybe I have a different view of how to use superstars, but when you have such talents you have to build something better for them. I immediately understood that those two guys had what it takes to do something great, but for some reason the WWE didn't want to press their brains."

In John's opinion, Otis is also set to leave WWE soon. The latter collaborated with Tucker from 2016 to 2020, before the latter received the compliment from Vince McMahon to general amazement. "I don't think Otis will stay in the company for long, I'm afraid his departure is imminent.

Comedy in wrestling doesn't work, especially that way. Do not fall into humiliation or denigration of women or other professionals. I do not like. I know that I will receive some criticism for these words of mine, but it is my sincere opinion. Otis has no real place in WWE."