Kurt Angle: "Here is the most underrated superstar of the modern era"

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Kurt Angle: "Here is the most underrated superstar of the modern era"

Fit Finlay was perhaps one of the most underrated wrestlers in the modern era of WWE, also thanks to his origin combined with a rather shy character. After signing with the WWE in 2001, he has made a very good career in the so-called mid-card, also taking away the satisfaction of winning the title of champion of the United States.

Finlay's legacy, however, extends far beyond his successes in the ring, having played a leading role in Vince McMahon's federation backstage from 2012 onwards. He then ushered in a new era of female wrestling by changing the perception of this division in the eyes of professionals and fans themselves.

During the last edition of his now famous show, Kurt Angle recalled one of the most prestigious matches of Fit's career, namely the one against Chris Benoit in the pay-per-view Judgment Day 2006. The two star players engaged in a grueling 21-minute battle, which left the countless fans in the arena speechless.

"Fit Finlay was truly exceptional. We are talking about a great teacher and an absolutely fantastic wrestler. In my opinion, he deserves to be counted among the most technical superstars of any era. I think the only reason we don't talk about him so much is because he has never reached the stages of someone like me," explained Kurt Angle.

"Don't get me wrong, he has had a great career. He has attended a few main events here and there, but I don't think he has had the success he deserved. He had the tools to do great things in this business. He could have become one of the symbols of the company, but he was never given this opportunity.

Fit is one of the most talented wrestlers I've ever seen, his technique was on the verge of perfection. He had very innovative ideas during his years in WWE, his mind was brilliant and he didn't just do the homework," he added.

Randy Orton: "That's when I'll retire from wrestling"

At the age of 41 years-old, Randy Orton can be considered a legend of the wrestling world and in particular of the WWE. The 14-time world champion of the company has been pivotal over the past two decades and along with wrestlers like John Cena has dragged the Stamford company.

The Legend Killer has made his RKO one of the deadliest weapons ever seen in a wrestling ring and his character as Heel is loved and hated, but always highly regarded by the whole WWE Universe. During a recent appearance on The Kurt Angle Show The Viper spoke, in one of the first times, about the possibility of his retirement.

Here are his words: "I have a deal with my wife Kim, she promised me that if one day she looks at me and sees some sort of parody of myself or if she notices that I am no longer able to do certain things with my body, she will tell me that it will be time to retire.

In general, if my RKO is not as devastating as it used to be, I think it will be obvious to everyone. Then I have great confidence in her and I listen with pleasure to what she tells me. I will go on quietly even after the retreat, I will be able to enjoy life with my wife, our five children and our beautiful home."

After a long and exciting feud held up to Wrestlemania 37 against Bray Wyatt The Fiend and Alexa Bliss with the Legend Killer who ended up winning on the second night of the Show of the Immortals. In recent weeks Randy Orton is the protagonist together with Matt Riddle of RKBro, a new couple that aims to grow and that certainly arouses great curiosity among the WWE Universe.

Sure next to Riddle, Randy Orton can maybe help raise the former NXT wrestler leading him to an explosion in the main roster.