Eric Bischoff: "Matt Riddle is the future of WWE"

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Eric Bischoff: "Matt Riddle is the future of WWE"

Former Monday Night Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff has always been recognized as a character with a great eye for young talent in the wrestling world. During a recent podcast Bischoff released the names of wrestlers he believes can be considered the future of this business: Eric has considered not only Vince McMahon's company but in general all wrestling companies, including the All Tony Khan's Elite Wrestling.

During his usual 83 Weeks podcast, the former GM of Raw talked about the two most promising wrestlers within the professional wrestling scene, namely WWE star Matt Riddle and All Elite Wrestling MJF wrestler. Here are the statements of him specifically: "Who do I like in current Wrestling? Maybe someone will turn up their noses about it but I love Matt Riddle.

He can be considered different in detail, he is very good and I think he will improve even more. I love this insight that I see protagonists paired between Randy Orton and Matt Riddle. I don't know if it's a long-term thing, but it almost feels like there's a cop movie in the ring.

We are talking about two types of wrestlers and two totally different personalities that I think integrate very well together." Continuing the interview Eric Bischoff made it clear how he believes that Orton and Riddle's potential is off all scales and that the two make whole shows very interesting indeed.

Raw's latest ratings seem to agree with Bischoff as when RK-Bro is in the ring for their match, Monday Night Raw's ratings seem to fly. Bischoff also praised MJF stating that he is one of the superstars that makes him fall in love with wrestling the most and that he most enjoys watching in WWE.

Right now MJF is involved in a storyline with former WWE and AEW Champion Chris Jericho.

WWE announces a nostalgic episode of Smackdown!

Over the years, WWE has accustomed us to staging several important weekly episodes of its most popular shows, dedicated to the Superstars of the past or in any case to an idea and a type of wrestling that is now past.

The last episode of this type, which WWE wanted to stage from the ThunderDome, was the famous Raw Legends of January, with which WWE also wanted to stage the beginning of the challenge titled between Bill Goldberg and Drew McIntyre, when the Scotsman was still WWE Champion.

Apparently, this time Smackdown would be the brand that will return to take a dip in the past, given that WWE wanted to make an unclear but still very interesting announcement for next week and therefore for the next episode of the company's blue flag show.

. With a press release entrusted to an image during tonight's Friday Night Smackdown episode, where the most anticipated event was the main event between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns, valid for the maximum title of the show, with Reigns obviously beating his opponent, getting him banned from Smackdown, WWE has announced that next Friday there will be an edition of the show that will return to the past.

At the moment no further details have been given regarding this special episode, nor have special appearances been announced for the evening, such as legends or other athletes, who have not been seen in the blue rings for some time.

The only thing that has been discussed since the very first minutes after the announcement, is that WWE could finally bring back the famous giant fist that dominated the titantron, at the entrance of the ramp leading to the ring.

For several years, many WWE fans have been asking the company to re-install the piece of scenography in that of Smackdown, both to better characterize Smackdown, and to return with the mind to the fantastic, most prosperous periods of the blue show, such as that of the beginning 2000s.