Randy Orton: "That's when I'll retire from wrestling"

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Randy Orton: "That's when I'll retire from wrestling"

At the age of 41 years-old, Randy Orton can be considered a legend of the wrestling world and in particular of the WWE. The 14-time world champion of the company has been pivotal over the past two decades and along with wrestlers like John Cena has dragged the Stamford company.

The Legend Killer has made his RKO one of the deadliest weapons ever seen in a wrestling ring and his character as Heel is loved and hated, but always highly regarded by the whole WWE Universe. During a recent appearance on The Kurt Angle Show The Viper spoke, in one of the first times, about the possibility of his retirement.

Here are his words: "I have a deal with my wife Kim, she promised me that if one day she looks at me and sees some sort of parody of myself or if she notices that I am no longer able to do certain things with my body, she will tell me that it will be time to retire.

In general, if my RKO is not as devastating as it used to be, I think it will be obvious to everyone. Then I have great confidence in her and I listen with pleasure to what she tells me. I will go on quietly even after the retreat, I will be able to enjoy life with my wife, our five children and our beautiful home."

After a long and exciting feud held up to Wrestlemania 37 against Bray Wyatt The Fiend and Alexa Bliss with the Legend Killer who ended up winning on the second night of the Show of the Immortals. In recent weeks Randy Orton is the protagonist together with Matt Riddle of RKBro, a new couple that aims to grow and that certainly arouses great curiosity among the WWE Universe.

Sure next to Riddle, Randy Orton can maybe help raise the former NXT wrestler leading him to an explosion in the main roster.

WWE announces a nostalgic episode of Smackdown!

Over the years, WWE has accustomed us to staging several important weekly episodes of its most popular shows, dedicated to the Superstars of the past or in any case to an idea and a type of wrestling that is now past.

The last episode of this type, which WWE wanted to stage from the ThunderDome, was the famous Raw Legends of January, with which WWE also wanted to stage the beginning of the challenge titled between Bill Goldberg and Drew McIntyre, when the Scotsman was still WWE Champion.

Apparently, this time Smackdown would be the brand that will return to take a dip in the past, given that WWE wanted to make an unclear but still very interesting announcement for next week and therefore for the next episode of the company's blue flag show.

. With a press release entrusted to an image during tonight's Friday Night Smackdown episode, where the most anticipated event was the main event between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns, valid for the maximum title of the show, with Reigns obviously beating his opponent, getting him banned from Smackdown, WWE has announced that next Friday there will be an edition of the show that will return to the past.

At the moment no further details have been given regarding this special episode, nor have special appearances been announced for the evening, such as legends or other athletes, who have not been seen in the blue rings for some time.

The only thing that has been discussed since the very first minutes after the announcement, is that WWE could finally bring back the famous giant fist that dominated the titantron, at the entrance of the ramp leading to the ring.

For several years, many WWE fans have been asking the company to re-install the piece of scenography in that of Smackdown, both to better characterize Smackdown, and to return with the mind to the fantastic, most prosperous periods of the blue show, such as that of the beginning 2000s.