Batista in a Batman movie as Bane?

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Batista in a Batman movie as Bane?

Since his exit from the WWE rings, Batista has come a long way in the world of international cinema, they become for everyone Drax, the superhero of MARVEL Cinematic Universe, who has managed several times together with his friends of the Guardians of the Galaxy to save our planet but also many others.

After his retirement match against Triple H at Wrestlemania 35, sensationally lost by the former Evolution, who thus had to succumb to the blows of the WWE Triple H, Batista is back strongly in the world of cinema, although at the moment it is one of the most in difficulty because of the covid and the world pandemic, which do not allow the majority of the global population to take part in the daily shows of all the cinemas in the world.

One of Batman's best-known archenemies, the most famous bat-man in comics history, is undoubtedly Bane, unfortunately called Scourge in our country, in a small juncture, which has seen in the course of his history be represented in different ways.

Batista in a Batman movie as Bane?

Apparently, for the well-known director Zack Snyder, who took part in the making of several films dedicated to superheroes, in different guises, both as director and producer, such as Suicide Squad, Aquaman, Batman v Superman and Justice League, Batista he would have by now sewn on the role of Bane in Batman, with his initial ideas for a new character to be entrusted to The Animal that would have been vanished.

Recently interviewed at Justice Con, Snyder revealed: "In the meantime, we're working on how to get Dave Bautista to be, Bane. I mean, I was still seeing different characters in it, in fact I already said 'OK, now clearly that's the way it is, I had other ideas about Dave Bautista that I could do in the DC Universe, but apparently he has already become Bane and we can already talk about other things, there are many other possibilities, but we must now accept the fact that he will be Bane and there are no other ways for this."

Apparently, fans and insiders would have so much desire to see Batista take on the role of Bane, that all the ideas of the various writers and directors, would have already been put aside, because you know, as in wrestling, even in the world of cinema, the public is king, so we await with great curiosity what will come in the future of Batista as one of Batman's most difficult enemies.