Alexa Bliss in post Wrestlemania 37: what will happen now?

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Alexa Bliss in post Wrestlemania 37: what will happen now?

As we widely saw during the second night of Wrestlemania 37, Randy Orton was sensationally able to beat The Fiend, hitting him with a lightning-fast RKO after Monday Night Raw's demon was distracted by Alexa Bliss, who theoretically had to instead.

be on his side, with a segment that left WWE Universe fans astonished and quite disappointed. With this segment, it would seem that the WWE wanted to separate the paths of the beautiful former world champion of the federation and the evil Fiend, the alter ego of Bray Wyatt, who already in the episode of Monday Night Raw this night, confirmed as soon will introduce new friends to his Firefly Fun House.

After introducing her new friend Lily to the main roster audience, with the former Raw and Smackdown champion who in fact wanted to show the public the new animated doll that will take part in the next episodes of Raw, Alexa Bliss would seem to have to remain completely alone, so as not to go to ruin other characters, as happened with her ex partner: Nikki Cross.

As reported in the latest newsletter by Dave Meltzer, to the microphones of the radio program of the Wrestling Observer, WWE intends to launch the beautiful blonde from Raw in single, with the well-known journalist who in fact stated: "Just like what happened with The Fiend which ruined everyone this time around, they will play on this thing, like when he brought out in the worst way even Nikki Cross, who although totally superfluous for the story, on balance, has disappeared from then.

I mean, she has completely disappeared from the scene. She was no longer included in any program. I think by now they have come to the conclusion that Bliss cannot be joined by anyone, because otherwise she would ruin it."

Obviously, in the storyline that is going on between Wyatt and Bliss, there is more than just wrestling at stake. As seen on Raw and especially Wrestlemania, these angles will lead to something very big in the near future and for the moment the WWE has therefore decided to keep the Bliss alone, in order not to affect all those characters who would then emerge visibly weakened. and without a goal, as happened at the Cross just a few months ago.