Steve Austin: "Vince McMahon no longer answers my phone calls"

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Steve Austin: "Vince McMahon no longer answers my phone calls"

One of the most historical, appreciated, loved and followed feuds in the entire history of WWE was undoubtedly the one that was the flagship of the so-called Attitude Era, a famous period of the discipline of the world of wrestling, lived in WWE at the end of the 90s, where both the promos, the matches and the segments broadcast by McMahon were definitely dedicated to a mainly adult audience and not to the whole family.

To clash in this sensational feud that lasted years, were the Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin, multiple world champion of the federation, who for a period of time as long as the entire rise of his career towards the Olympus of the greatest wrestlers of all time, he was the real thorn in the side of the Chairman and his entire family.

In his latest speech to Wrestling Inc, former WWE World Champion Steve Austin wanted to tell his fans how Vince no longer even answers his phone calls, unlike when he was the most important face of his product, with the WWE Hall of Famer revealing: "He doesn't even answer my calls anymore, but let me tell you something, when I was working for him and I was at the top, when I called Vince, that phone didn't even ring halfway before he answered.

Now I have to text him and then I get the reply after at least a couple of days." Apparently, things change for everyone. Since Steve Austin was the number one in the company and was considered the most influential personality in the WWF, at which time she also has difficulty communicating with her former employer, if not earlier than a day or two.

Apparently time changes all kinds of relationships and as we fans of the WWE Universe already know, everything that is not part of the business or that is not a fundamental part of it, for the Chairman of the WWE becomes second floor.

Unfortunately for us and for him, now even Stone Cold has become one.

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