Alexa Bliss and her new character

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Alexa Bliss and her new character

In recent weeks, the villain The Fiend, who had been absent from the WWE rings since TLC, last year, when Randy Orton had seen fit to literally set him on fire, has returned to appear on the screens of the Stamford federation, in the first Firefly Inferno match.

of the history of the McMahon company. After staying in the shadows for several weeks, with the storyline being carried out on-screen by Alexa Bliss alone, The Fiend reappeared out of nowhere in the 2021 edition of Fastlane, the last WWE ppv before the Showcase of the Immortals, making the fans of the WWE Universe happy, who have been waiting for him for several years now.

Throughout this period of absence, the beautiful former Raw and Smackdown champion managed to keep up with The Viper, making fans and other athletes discover a part of her still unknown to the whole world, which apparently soon it could get even bigger.

Will WWE put a mask on Alexa Bliss too?

Apparently, it would seem that in the last period the WWE would be studying further news for the beautiful Alexa, who alongside The Fiend has made her the great figure of her, in a role that despite everything, she had never played in the career of her.

According to what was revealed by the pages of the Ringside News, it would seem that the management of the WWE would be thinking of putting a particular mask on the beautiful athlete who currently works alongside The Fiend, just as happens every time to the alter ego.

by Bray Wyatt, which comes in two different versions. Alexa would work in two ways, like Wyatt himself, with two different personalities and two different gimmicks, based on what she wears. According to what was revealed by some internal sources of the WWE to the journalists of the well-known site, in fact, someone would have said this sentence to the experts, which we report below: "I wouldn't be surprised if they put a mask on Alexa too and it looks like this, because they're always looking for new versions of these characters."

Apparently, although nothing is certain for the moment, it would seem that the WWE management is looking for something new to entrust to the two wrestlers possessed by the demons of Monday Night Raw, with the possibility of adding a mask to the beautiful Alexa Bliss, who remains one of the most viable options of the Stamford federation executives.