Charlotte Flair removed from WWE for alleged pregnancy


Charlotte Flair removed from WWE for alleged pregnancy

In the past few weeks, WWE's Nature Boy daughter Charlotte Flair has literally disappeared from the Stamford company screens, with the former Raw and Smackdown World Champion initially being removed from the Wrestlemania poster and then confirming instead.

her positivity to covid, which still keeps her currently at rest at home. After disappearing from the Wrestlemania poster, in conjunction with the boy's departure, Andrade, who had requested and obtained the release from the McMahon company after months of inactivity, many of the fans of the beautiful WWE Queen were worried.

for the future of the multi-champion, since several dubious rumors about her future in WWE had appeared online. Apparently, for the moment, there would be no worries within the circles of the company, with Charlotte Flair being ousted from her Wrestlemania match against Asuka, valid for the title of Raw champion, for a simple medical mistake.

that had made the management desist on the girl's near future on-screen. In his latest interview with the Lucha Libre Online site, former Monday Night Raw athlete Andrade revealed how the WWE medical staff was absolutely convinced that Charlotte Flair was pregnant and for this reason the girl would have been temporarily excluded from the plans for Wrestlemania, precisely because of this alleged pregnancy.

To the microphones of the Mexican newspaper, Andrade said: "WWE doctors informed Charlotte that she was pregnant. We went to the pharmacy and the test came back negative. They pulled her out of her storyline because they said she was pregnant with her.

4 days later all the tests were negative." Apparently, for a simple medical error, WWE was forced to make up for it with the inclusion of Rhea Ripley in the most important Raw female feud ahead of Wrestlemania, with the covid which then fell on Charlotte who certainly did not help the situation, but with the beautiful daughter of the Nature Boy who could still return on-screen at any moment, to collect that match she had requested weeks ago, maybe turning it into a triple threat now.

WWE Fastlane 2021: the results!

Here's what happened in the WWE Fastlane 2021 PPV held at WWE Thunderdome (Tropicana Field) in Tampa, Florida. In WWE Thunderdome (Tropicana Field) there are fans connected via webcam who act as an audience like in the NBA with their supporters.

Single Match for the US Championship:
Matt Riddle beats Mustafa Ali (w / RETRIBUTION) (Riddle remains champion) - At the end of the match the Retribution attacks Mustafa Ali thus decreeing the end of the stable.

Main Card:
Women's Tag Team Match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships:
Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax beat Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair (Shayna and Nia remain champions) Single Match for the Intercontinental Championship:
Big E beats Apollo Crews (Big E remains champion) - The final of the match was a semi botch.

Single Match:
Braun Strowman beats Elias (w / Jaxson Ryker) Single Match:
Seth Rollins beats Shinsuke Nakamura No Holds Barred Match:
Drew McIntyre beats Sheamus Intergender Match:
Alexa Bliss beats Randy Orton - The match itself was Cinematic made specifically for the return of "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt in a new guise.

Single Match for the Universal Championship: (Edge as a Special Enforcer)
Roman Reigns (w / Paul Heyman) beats Daniel Bryan (Reigns remains champion and he will defend the title from Edge's assault on WrestleMania)

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