Has Bayley ever been in a WWE relationship with Finn Balor?

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Has Bayley ever been in a WWE relationship with Finn Balor?

The love stories between colleagues, in WWE, are now the order of the day, with several wrestlers who, being in close contact during all days of the week, fall in love with each other, with the most beautiful stories starting right in the backstage of the federation, with families that are born and grow thanks to that fantastic world that is pro-wrestling.

Among the last great couples born in the WWE backstage, we find illustrious names such as those of The Undertaker and Michelle McCool, or Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, who have joined the veterans of the federation, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who have been together for a lifetime now, not to mention Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella and many others.

Aside from the last year of the pandemic, in fact, WWE wrestlers used to spend more time together on the road, rather than at home with their families, so it has also very often happened that some fraudulent stories started away from their wives or daughters.

their husbands, while their respective companions were busy working away from home. Bayley reveals the true relationship she had with Finn Balor in the days of NXT During the time that both Bayley and Finn Balor were at NXT for the first time, after Balor returned last year, many wondered if the two were having a relationship, because their relationship seemed much closer than to that of two simple colleagues, with several fans who were convinced that the two were even officially engaged.

After several months, Bayley wanted to answer the fateful question "Were you and Finn Balor really engaged?", Answering the microphones of the Oral Sessions broadcast and saying: "OMG! Well, we had a wonderful story, which by the way wasn't even a storyline.

We were just building ourselves at NXT. He had injured his ankle, so he couldn't have a match. Everyone found it funny that I made him join him because my character was, well, he was who he was. So everyone loved it and got us to do a lot of views on Youtube and then he came in too and eventually they started showing us together, on NXT shows.

I think people liked us because we had such different characters. He was the Demon and putting us together was surreal. Once - I got into trouble with my past relationship - we took a picture with her parents and people immediately started saying: Oh my God, then they really are together!

We are obviously not married. He is married to a beautiful woman and appears to be very happy. But it was a lot of fun. We both had a lot of fun." Once again, the rumors seem to be wrong, with the relationship between Bayley and Finn Balor being purely a working relationship and nothing more, with Bayley who was engaged to at the time. her historical boyfriend and would not have let his work affect his love life too much.