AJ Styles: "That's as long as I have the IC Champion title"

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AJ Styles: "That's as long as I have the IC Champion title"

AJ Styles a few weeks ago beat in the final of the tournament for the title of Intercontinental champion, Daniel Bryan, and thanks to this success he won this WWE title for the first time in career. In the last episode of Smackdown, The Phenomenal One defended the title by offering a good test and won without particular problems against Drew Gulak.

The wrestler has once again shown that he is in a good physical shape and he has defended his title. In recent weeks Drew Gulak had beaten the Georgia wrestler in a 1 vs 1 match and, coming back to that match, the athlete reiterated that that was just a stroke of luck.

At the end of the match AJ Styles conducted an interview with the microphones of the WWE Network, and here are his declarations: "There is no doubt, the victory of a few weeks ago of Gulak was a stroke of luck. Everyone knows it, really everyone knows If I do what I do best in the best way, that is to enter the ring and show my worth to the world, I cannot be defeated, which is why so many of my WWE rivals are jealous.

I will have this title of Intercontinental champion for as long as I want and in fact I intend to have it for a long time. Maybe I'll have it until the end of my career, who knows. Because that's how it is? Well, because I'm The Phenomenal One and that's the reason!"

AJ Styles and the next feud with Matt Riddle

In recent weeks, AJ Styles was involved first in a verbal diatribe and then in a clash with the last arrived at Smackdown, the young and interesting Matt Riddle, a challenge that sees the athlete coming from NXT winner at the end of the race.

Despite his confidence AJ Styles appeared annoyed by Riddle and in the last episode of Smackdown he intervened before the match of Riddle against John Morrison, a challenge that saw The Original Bro win. WWE plans in the coming weeks are precisely to challenge AJ Styles and Matt Riddle for the title, probably in the next PPV, and it is not excluded that a Riddle victory may be the way to launch the athlete at the top of WWE.

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about Matt Riddle's experience at Smackdown and the young athlete is seen by many as a protégé of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.