The Undertaker: "Here's the real reason for my retirement"

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The Undertaker: "Here's the real reason for my retirement"

When we talk about The Undertaker we are definitely talking about one of the greatest interpreters that WWE has ever had. The Deadman is a WWE athlete who has entertained the public for over three decades and has literally made the history of Vince McMahon's federation.

In the final episode of The Last Ride, WWE documentary about the legendary Texan wrestler, Taker announced his retirement from the ring and, consequently, the Boneyard Match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania represents the last match of the athlete's career.

Subsequently The Undertaker revealed the real reason he decided to announce his Stamford federation wrestler farewell.

The Undertaker and the reason for his retirement from the ring

Here are the Deadman's statements: "Now I can do more outside the ring than I can currently do inside, I finally managed to accept all of this, and I'm fine.

I was fortunate to have two families: not only my wife and my exceptional children, but also my family on this particular trip. Guys like Bryan Adams, Yokozuna, Godfather, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Bret Hart, Mick Foley, Edge and Kane.

Obviously I can't name everyone and I will definitely leave someone out, but I wanted to let everyone know how much these guys meant to me, not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. There are many friends in the federation and I can never thank them enough.

I have nothing left to win or conquer, the game has changed and it's time for new guys to come. I think I chose the right time to make this decision." There are many wrestlers inside and outside the WWE who paid tribute to the role of The Undertaker in WWE and in the last episode of Smackdown the federation wanted to pay tribute with the entire roster to what was among the characters most iconic and legendary of the federation of Vince McMahon.

The most renowned and celebrated recognition of the Undertaker is the Streak, an unprecedented record of twenty-one consecutive wins at WWE's annual and main pay-per-view event, WrestleMania, where he fought in the main event of the XIII, XXIV editions , XXVI, XXXIII and XXXVI, while he suffered his first defeat at WrestleMania XXX against Brock Lesnar.

Federation chairman Vince McMahon and colleague Mark Henry described him as their favorite superstar, while Big Show called him the greatest wrestler of all time.