Vince Russo: "What are they doing with Lacey Evans?"

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Vince Russo: "What are they doing with Lacey Evans?"

In the latest episode of Writing With Russo, the former WWE writer stated that WWE should focus on the "real personalities" on the roster, trying to rely more on what is the historical background of the athletes present.

Taking Lacey Evans as an example, Russo has made it clear what he thinks WWE should do to create more engaging female characters, also based on what we are told in the various documentaries on the Stamford federation's quintessential platform, the WWE Network.

Russo made no secret of his perplexities and released the following words as advice to WWE about managing the female scenario: "I happened to see two specials on the WWE Network, for example, I saw the real Lacey Evans and the character who instead is regularly brought on TV, and I ran into a real headache for the whole vision.

She is the one who seems to be managing the family! I was really impressed with her personality, even though we all know her military background. How did she become the "Southern Belle"? What are they doing? I would begin to form her character starting from her story.

We try to understand who these women are in everyday life and only then we decide how to create their character, obviously enlarging everything millions of times. At the moment there is a need, because I'm sorry to say, but there are only twelve to fifteen girls on the show.

" A particular study by Vince Russo, who returns to a much debated topic in recent times, namely that of the management of the female side of the roster that leaves much to be desired, especially with regard to the creation of new characters able to leverage on the public.

And in your opinion, is Vince Russo right? Could it be a good idea to create female characters based on their personal past background? Let us know with a comment.

Lacey Evans is pregnant!

Once again, great news runs fast in the rings on Monday Night Raw, with yet another tidbit of an upcoming pregnancy that left fans in awe during the final episode of the red show that aired tonight.

After seeing Becky Lynch vacate her title live on Raw last year, effectively giving it up to new champion, Asuka, after her Money in the Bank win which had been orchestrated to find a new champion. The Man's inability to continue wrestling while pregnant, Becky's new colleague announces she's pregnant live on Raw.

During this night's Monday Night Raw episode, in a short promo, Charlotte Flair's current enemy Lacey Evans told the daughter of the two-time Hall of Famer that she was pregnant, with the Nature Boy remaining very happy with the announcement, given that according to WWE, the father of the future unborn child would be him.

Of course, the real father of Lacey Evans' second child is the girl's real-life husband, Alfonso, formerly the father of Summer, Lacey's first daughter. Apparently, if initially there were doubts about the girl's real pregnancy, in a few minutes several authoritative sources confirmed that Lacey is really pregnant and therefore she will not be able to take part in any match in the WWE rings anymore, for obviously safeguard your health and that of the child.

WWE will continue to bring the girl on stage for a few more weeks, to continue to bring her storyline on-screen, in some way, obviously using it only in spoken and non-physical segments, until she has to be absent as did her colleague Becky.

. The main problem will now also be to replace Lacey in her next match of ppv, as the girl was scheduled in a titled match against Asuka, valid for the Raw Women's Championship in the next event, Elimination Chamber. Once again, the card of the next WWE ppv is turned upside down, as happened with the match inside the cage, which saw Kofi Kingston take the place of The Miz.