The Undertaker forced two WWE stars to...

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The Undertaker forced two WWE stars to...

The Undertaker was undoubtedly one of the mainstays of WWE, remaining loyal to Vince McMahon for a full 30 years before retiring and permanently hanging up his boots. There were many who considered him the leader of the locker room and, apparently, he used to admonish superstars for disrespect.

During the last episode of the MC! True Long Island Story Podcast, former WWE star Zack Ryder recounted when, along with Curt Hawkins, he was scolded by the Deadman and forced to apologize. Here is the anecdote in detail: "We were touring overseas, we were in Mexico and the main event saw Triple H face Vladimir Kozlov.

It was the last night and we had seen that match many times. All the boys sat backstage, glued to the monitor, while Hawkins and I looked at our cell phones. At one point Undertaker stared at us intensely and we realized that something was wrong.

Mark Henry took us aside and told us to apologize to the Deadman, because we were being disrespectful. We didn't get it repeated twice and went to apologize. He was very understanding, but he told us we had to apologize to the guys from the main event, so Kozlov and Triple H."

Zack added, "Kozlov didn't even understand why we were apologizing to him. We love Oleg (his real name), he was one of our greatest friends before he even came to WWE. Then we went to Triple H, who was sitting there.

in a private locker room, alone. We apologized but he didn't seem to care much about what happened." Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins had to apologize to The Undertaker. Undertaker had also held the role of judge of the wrestler court, a rather peculiar "court" that was called backstage whenever superstars had to be admonished for disrespecting others or doing something unpleasant.

Xavier Woods, as seen in the documentary The Last Ride, had even given him a real judge's gavel to symbolize his importance in the WWE locker room. The Deadman is currently enjoying his well-deserved retreat, but he continues to be active with podcasts and interviews, and will also be hosting a large charity event with the Stamford Company.

Kurt Angle: "Kane and the Undertaker..."

WWE, as well as professional wrestling in general, have been able to count on several great athletes over the years who have overcome existing barriers and redefined the way of conceiving this business.

Kurt Angle had the chance to work with numerous superstars during his heyday, a privilege that helped him stand out as one of the most iconic figures of the 2000s. During the last episode of the Kurt Angle Show broadcast on AdFreeShows, the former Olympic gold medalist reserved words of praise especially for Kane and The Undertaker.

In particular, Angle recalled his match with The Big Red Machine played just before the PPV No Way Out in 2001. "It was something really fantastic. Kane is hands down one of the best guys he's ever worked with. He had an uncommon talent and knew how to stay in the ring.

Besides, he was a very remarkable athlete considering his size," he said. It is often said that it is not easy to find the right chemistry with the giants of wrestling, but in the case of Undertaker and Kane this is not the case.

"It was simply an honor to be able to step into the ring with Undertaker and Kane. They weren't as slow and awkward as you might expect from people of that size, in fact they were light. They helped me tremendously when I had to perform a lifting move.

It was never difficult to work with them, I had a great time and we always had great chemistry," added Angle. Kurt then focused on The Rock’s incredible talent, capable of breaking through even in the world of cinema.

"Dwayne was fantastic, a great athlete. He was always one step ahead of everyone else and his phenomenal ability was to know how to sell himself. He had the gift of making everything more flashy than it should be, which is the main goal of sports entertainment. Well, Dwayne had absolutely no rivals from this point of view."