Big Show leaves WWE for...

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Big Show leaves WWE for...

Through a press release published on the official website it was in fact announced that Paul Wight, this is the real name of Big Show, has signed a multi-year contract with Tony Khan's company. The veteran, however, will not currently be an active wrestler but will join the commentary table on AEW Dark: Elevation, an expansion of the show that airs on YouTube.

AEW Dark: Elevation will be broadcast every Monday at 7am on the Company's channel and will give space to the athletes of the roster and the main stars of the independent federations. The show will also have a temporal continuity with Dynamite, Dark and all PPVs.

This means that the winning and losing ranking system will have value on this stage as well. Here is how Paul Wight commented on hiring him: "For me it was fantastic to see what AEW has built in a few years. AEW Dark is an incredible platform to make room for new stars and allow established ones to hone their skills.

In AEW there are no limits " These, however, are the words of Tony Khan: "Paul Wight is one of the most important figures in the world of wrestling and one of the most mammoth athletes.
He wanted to sign with AEW because he truly believes that we are the best wrestling company and that they can offer us much of his experience, both in the ring and as an AEW commentator and ambassador."

A shocking announcement since the same Show had repeatedly admitted that his intention was to retire to WWE and work backstage. His last television appearance dates back to Raw's Legends Night, staged in January. Who knows what Vince McMahon's reaction must have been to his decision.

Further details on the Big Show signing in AEW will be provided in tonight's episode of Dynamite.
Apparently, the last contract that tied Big Show to the McMahon company, was already a Legend contract, with the fighter over two meters tall who in fact appeared very little on the WWE scenes, or on Monday Night Raw or on very few other occasions.

with the McMahons. According to what has been revealed in the last hours by some sources close to the WWE, between the Stamford federation and the historic giant of its rings, until now there would always have been a beautiful relationship, except in the last period, in which Big Show was treated very badly from the company's booking team, which relegated him to some truly embarrassing angles for his character's story.

As reported in the last hours from the pages of the PW Insider, in fact: "WWE and Wight have not been able to reach an agreement on the financial terms of a new contract and his last contact with the company dates back to last month, a few days after making an appearance on Raw Legends, where he was bullied by Randy Orton on January 4th.

A source assures that Wight was very bitter about that appearance and that his unhappiness towards it was tangible around the whole situation and was also evident in the WWE backstage." Apparently, the use made by the WWE of the character of Big Show, would not have gone at all to the genius of the former world champion, who resented the treatment reserved for him after years of honorable service, so he saw fit to land in the number one rival company at the time of WWE, with the AEW guys already rubbing their hands over a possible confrontation between Wight and Shaquille O'Neal, in the Khans rings.