Charlotte Flair posts her amazing physique on her social media

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Charlotte Flair posts her amazing physique on her social media

One of the most followed and admired athletes of the WWE rings in recent years, is undoubtedly the multiple world champion of the McMahon federation, Charlotte Flair, daughter of the legendary Nature Boy, Ric, who with her father currently has a fairly complex storyline about ring of Monday Night Raw.

After being accompanied with a rival of his daughter, Lacey Evans, 40 years younger than him, Ric Flair has in fact gone to annoy Charlotte several times, causing her several defeats in the rings of the McMahon company, including that of the Royal Rumble, where Charlotte Flair and Asuka have lost their WWE duo titles.

Despite everything, however, Charlotte Flair is proving to have entered one of the best phases of her life and career, showing not indifferent physical and athletic skills, after having fixed something even under the knife with a recent operation, which kept out of business for a few months.

If her fans still didn't love her enough, both professionally and personally, Charlotte Flair has once again got a hand with her social media, showing herself in a beach outfit, rather than in a ring outfit, almost like a mother she made it, making herself covered by very little cloth.

Recall that in recent years, Charlotte has also accompanied the fighter and colleague of Monday Night Raw, Andrade, after seeing both his first marriage and the second shipwreck with Riki Johnson and then with the former athlete of the TNA, Bram.

In the last period, Charlotte seems to have found serenity and happiness next to the Mexican WWE athlete, with the girl's father, Ric Flair, who has also blessed their union several times, even publicly. Well the photos speak for themselves, Charlotte is in a moment of great shape, both mental and physical, we would dare to say.

Lacey Evans is pregnant!

Once again, great news runs fast in the rings on Monday Night Raw, with yet another tidbit of an upcoming pregnancy that left fans in awe during the final episode of the red show that aired tonight.

After seeing Becky Lynch vacate her title live on Raw last year, effectively giving it up to new champion, Asuka, after her Money in the Bank win which had been orchestrated to find a new champion. The Man's inability to continue wrestling while pregnant, Becky's new colleague announces she's pregnant live on Raw.

During this night's Monday Night Raw episode, in a short promo, Charlotte Flair's current enemy Lacey Evans told the daughter of the two-time Hall of Famer that she was pregnant, with the Nature Boy remaining very happy with the announcement, given that according to WWE, the father of the future unborn child would be him.

Of course, the real father of Lacey Evans' second child is the girl's real-life husband, Alfonso, formerly the father of Summer, Lacey's first daughter. Apparently, if initially there were doubts about the girl's real pregnancy, in a few minutes several authoritative sources confirmed that Lacey is really pregnant and therefore she will not be able to take part in any match in the WWE rings anymore, for obviously safeguard your health and that of the child.

WWE will continue to bring the girl on stage for a few more weeks, to continue to bring her storyline on-screen, in some way, obviously using it only in spoken and non-physical segments, until she has to be absent as did her colleague Becky.

. The main problem will now also be to replace Lacey in her next match of ppv, as the girl was scheduled in a titled match against Asuka, valid for the Raw Women's Championship in the next event, Elimination Chamber. Once again, the card of the next WWE ppv is turned upside down, as happened with the match inside the cage, which saw Kofi Kingston take the place of The Miz.