John Cena aginst the Undertaker

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John Cena aginst the Undertaker

In recent weeks, the statements of The Undertaker, now retired in all respects from WWE, have been discussed a lot, according to which the current product is much softer than in the past and the superstars of now spend more time with video games before the shows.

Quite harsh criticisms that were commented by Xavier Woods, a great video game enthusiast and founder of the Up Up Down Down YouTube channel, and by Tommy Dreamer. John Cena also intervened on the thorny issue, who preferred not to agree with him, but in a diplomatic way.

He said: "I think I have also seen WWE as an external product for a long time. This is why I have always been interested in the strictly business aspect since the beginning of my career. I've seen it evolve over time, but I've also heard of genrte mentioning everything that has ruined sport entertainment.

I can also look at the economic side and see how there have been differences in vision between those who carried the shack during the Attitude Era, those who were during the Ruthless Aggression Era, all the way to the Reality Era.

Fans of the Attitude Era, inevitably, looked at our product not reflecting the one of the past and obviously it could not be otherwise. So I have to slightly disagree with The Undertaker's choice of words. The current product is not soft, but different."

As everyone knows, Cena was one of the great protagonists of the Ruthless Aggression Era, which also had a documentary on the Network, and then of the Reality Era, carrying the weight of the Company on his shoulders for over ten years.

At the moment the 16-time world champion is engaged in extra ring projects, becoming a full-fledged part timer. A condition that, according to Triple H, he deservedly earned. Regarding Cena's status at this year's WrestleMania, the person concerned said he was unable to attend due to filming of the TV series The Peacemaker which is currently taking place in Canada.

The Undertaker talks about the use of steroids in wrestling

Recently interviewed in the Joe Rogan Experience column, the legendary WWE gravedigger wanted to talk about a very sensitive topic in the world of wrestling discipline, also going to make very important admissions about it, saying: "There was a time when you were almost forced to use it.

Especially for the big guys, it had almost become a stigma. You had to weigh 130 kg, it was in your head. Nobody gave a s**t. They were interested in the character we brought to TV, but in our heads it was all a: s*** or I have to reach 140 kg.

It had become a wrestler mentality by now, but now they test everything, so I don't understand why there are still some cunts out there who don't get rid of this stuff and I can't even figure out how they do it then.

I couldn't understand them even at the time, when we all used them and I couldn't get the same performance as they were on steroids." Apparently, up until several years ago, in the WWE world, wrestlers used to use different substances to modify their bodies, with several insiders who have in fact admitted to having used steroids to increase their physique, such as Roddy Piper, Kurt Angle, Superstar Billy Graham and many others.

Fortunately for WWE and especially for the health of their Superstars, this vice has ceased thanks to the Federation's Wellness Program, which allows regular health checks of athletes and thus prevents them from taking anything illegal or harmful.