Tony Atlas: "Only Brock Lesnar and another athlete look like real wrestlers"

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Tony Atlas: "Only Brock Lesnar and another athlete look like real wrestlers"

The world of pro-wrestling in recent years has often been considered much inferior than in the past, especially from the point of view of the product that week after week is given to us by the major federations in the world.

However, a Federation Legend of Vince McMahon also wanted to point out a difference at the level of singles, expressing his opinion that only Brock Lesnar and another athlete look like real wrestlers. We are talking about Tony Atlas, Hall Of Famer since 2006, who spoke to the microphones of Dan Mirade of Boston Wrestling, talking about Undertaker and the famous words that have labeled modern wrestling as 'soft', by Hulk Hogan and Andrè The Giant and finally of the differences between modern wrestling and that of the past.

There was no shortage of food for thought to Tony, but he seemed really willing to answer the question that takes up the topic reported in the title of this article. Here is an excerpt of his words: "Many fans who pay to see the show very often wonder how it is possible that one or another wrestler ended up in this business.

How many times have you heard me say you want to fight Brock Lesnar? Do you know why I said that? Brock is the only one along with Triple H who always gives you the idea of ​​being a real wrestler, a really great fighter."

Certainly particular words from Tony Atlas, which however resume a current of thought that in recent years has always become more present even in wrestling salons all over the world, with many fans who really seem to think of it as the former athlete and bodybuilder, who was also Mark Henry's personal manager in ECW.

And in your opinion, is Tony Atlas right? Or is his just a speech dictated by the attachment felt for the wrestling of his time? Let us know with a comment.

Kurt Angle: "Brock Lesnar loved to stay home"

Many stories have been spread over the years about the WWE star Brock Lesnar, making him one of the most talked about and controversial wrestlers in the modern era of WWE.

One of the best known aspects of the former Universal champion is that he has never been a great lover of travel and travel by plane. The Beast is the only athlete to have won a world title in mixed martial arts, professional wrestling and collegiate wrestling.

His glorious record includes five WWE titles, a UFC Heavyweight Championship and an NCAA Division I Heavyweight Championship. During the first edition of the podcast hosted by Conrad Thompson, WWE legend Kurt Angle told a curious anecdote about Webster's 43-year-old.

"Well, the truth is, he hated traveling so much that he bought a private plane so he didn't have to go to airports. I remember he hired a pilot, who if I'm not mistaken lived in his basement. He prepared really well for all circumstances, he hated traveling very much," said the former Olympic champion.

Angle added that Brock quit wresling in the mid-2000s because he could no longer appreciate that kind of life. Lesnar intended to start a career in the NFL, which would allow him to stay closer to home for longer. "He didn't want to be away from home all that time.

This is the main reason that led him to stop fighting. That's why he tried to get closer to professional football. The NFL would allow him to stay in a single city, where he could train and compete, without being forced to travel for many months.

He would be less on the road and more at home. This is what Brock likes most, being close to his residence," he added. Kurt finally praised Lesnar for his understanding of the business and the dedication shown over the course of his long career.

If Brock Lesnar has been missing from the WWE rings since the last edition of Wrestlemania, the one that aired entirely from the Performance Center almost a year ago, Rousey's face hasn't been seen in Stamford for almost two years, with the last match of the Baddest Woman on the Planet which dates back to the first edition of the Showcase of the Immortals, where she lost her title in favor of Becky Lynch.