Tyler Reks becomes a woman at 42!

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Tyler Reks becomes a woman at 42!

In the last few hours, a fairly shocking news has left WWE Universe fans and wrestling fans in general amazed, despite now such news, in the world, in 2021, they should no longer cause a sensation, but so be it. At the age of 42 years-old, in fact, the former WWE ring fighter, known by the stage name of Tyler Reks, seen in the rings of the McMahon company between 2009 and 2012, has in fact decided to become woman, starting a very long and very difficult path that will lead Gabe to become Gabbi.

After a malaise that lasted for years, the athea finally decided to put reality with its back to the wall, becoming the person she always felt she was, but that her body refused to accept. Thanks to the fundamental support of his wife, Gabbi is thus starting all the preparations needed for the gender change, which is one of the most difficult human paths to take for anyone, with Gabriel who after more than 40 years will become the Gabbi he has always dreamed of.

be, but who has always had the dread of facing. Gabbi was also interviewed precisely on this topic, speaking to Extra TV, in an episode that will be broadcast tonight on American TV and which reports in its synopsis: Gabe Tuft, former WWE Superstar, (ring name Tyler Reks) enters a long transformation that will lead him to the change of gender revealed exclusively to Extra TV.

With a knack for flying kicks, quick knockdown tricks, and flowing dreadlocks, Gabe Tuft was once WWE Superstar Tyler Reks, a rude pro wrestler who made his opponents run away. Amidst the cheering screams of millions of adoring fans, he has fought in the mega events of the iconic WWE all over the world, in huge shows like Raw, Smackdown and Wrestlemania.

good life to Gabbi, who can be said to be born recently, but who will have a full and happy life in front of him, now that he will finally be able to live in his own way and on his own terms.

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