Edge: "I don't believe it, it doesn't make sense"

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Edge: "I don't believe it, it doesn't make sense"

The 2021 edition of the Royal Rumble was held last night, the first major event for wrestling fans. Last year he returned incredibly after more than 9 years of absence from the ring and an injury that seemed to force him to retire, the night ended the story of Edge who achieved an almost historic feat and managed to win the Royal Rumble.

Starting as number one, the Rated-R Superstar has succeeded in a feat of the past by asphalting anyone in his path and in the final act he threw out of the ring one of his greatest rivals and 'enemies' of all time, the Legend Killer Randy Orton.

Thanks to this success Edge will be one of the protagonists of Wrestlemania 37 where he will be able to choose whether to face the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre or the Universal Champion Roman Reigns. During the real fight there was also the great return of Christian who 'helped' the victory of his ex partner with some eliminations.

The two together have in fact eliminated Braun Strowman in the final stages of the Royal Rumble and Edge arrived in the last three by eliminating first Seth Rollins and finally precisely the great rival and enemy Randy Orton, left stunned after having made a useless RKO.

After the extraordinary victory, the Canadian wrestler spoke to WWE microphones explaining what this victory means to him. Here are his words: "For me this success means a lot. If someone had told me four years ago that I would win the Royal Rumble and that I would go to Wrestlemania 37 like that I would have pinched myself, it's something I can hardly believe and almost makes no sense to me."

Edge's return to WWE was seen as a beautiful story in the federation by the WWE Universe and now his walk to Wrestlemania represents yet another great fairy tale within WWE.

Edge won the Royal Rumble

Even the Royal Rumble 2021 has now gone to the archives, with a great and beautiful evening dedicated to great wrestling that has left all the fans connected from all over the world excited and full of loads, with many who have made the night to follow the exploits of WWE Superstars, in one of the best times of the year to be a fan of the discipline.

In fact, Rumble takes care of opening the famous Road to Wrestlemania, which opens the dances in view of the Showcase of the Immortals, deciding who will be the two most important challengers who will have a title shot for a title of their choice in that of the show of shows.

This year, that honor fell on Bianca Belair and the WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who returned to the Rumble after months spent at home struggling with a bad arm injury.
That of the Canadian, turns out to be almost a miraculous victory, since only a year ago, Edge had returned to fight in the WWE rings after almost 10 years of forced stop, due to a terrible neck injury that risked paralyzing him if he continued.

to fight. And yet this was not the case. To enter the men's Royal Rumble match as the first Superstar, it was in fact the final winner, Edge, whose entry had already been confirmed to the WWE Backstage microphones, with the number two being his archenemy, Randy Orton.

A match within a match, basically. Edge immediately attacked Orton, who couldn't even finish his usual entry into the ring, with the Rated R Superstar still having a pent-up anger over the unfinished feud with the Legend Killer, which promptly prompted him to attack as a his former teammate from Rated RKO is rampaging.

In the Royal Rumble match, however, the great thing is that you are almost never alone and Edge's attack ended up in the clutches of other heels in the contest, with Mustafa Ali and Sami Zayn joining Orton to take out.

Edge immediately. After taking out some of their opponents, Orton and Edge continued their personal battle, with Edge hitting The Viper hard, also using the commentary table outside the ring and leaving Orton for several minutes out of the match, despite the Viper in the meantime has never been officially eliminated from the match.

After several other entries, including a return of Team Hell No which lasted very little, with Kane who finally hit Bryan with his Chokeslam, finally on the square they remained as the last 4 athletes in the match: Edge, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman and Christian, with Randy Orton who in the meantime was still well hidden near the ring.

After eliminating all his opponents, of course Edge was hit from behind by Orton, who thus attempted to win the Rumble by surprise, with the Rated R Superstar who, however, was smarter and also eliminated the last opponent who parried between him and the main event of Wrestlemania, with Edge becoming a two-time winner of the men's Royal Rumble, writing a very important page in WWE history.