That time The Undertaker got seriously injured from...

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That time The Undertaker got seriously injured from...

The career of the legendary The Undertaker has been studded not only with numerous victories and very important feuds, but also with great injuries that have hit Mark Calaway, with the Deadman of McMahon who in fact had to be absent several times to get back on his feet physically, after having encountered practically every type of fracture, contusion, sprain and so on and so forth.

In the course of his career, Undertaker has in fact also had to miss some great matches, for example those of Wrestlemania 10 and Wrestlemania 16, precisely because of some injuries that forced him to stay away from the WWE rings.

One of the many fortuitous clashes that created many problems for the Deadman, arrived in one of the many matches against Rey Mysterio, where the former WWE Champion involuntarily went to break the nose of the undertaker, with Calaway who in fact also encountered several problems to the eye for years to come.

The Undertaker against Rey Mysterio

In his latest interview with the Joe Rogan Experience, where the Undertaker talked about his entire career and any type of topic within the WWE, without taboos, the undertaker also wanted to tell about one of his injuries with Rey Mysterio, with Calaway who in fact revealed: "It was absolutely an accident with Rey Mysterio because he's so small.

He just jumped off the last rope - I knew the move but couldn't avoid it - and he broke my nose.
The thing that bothered me a lot, though, was feeling my nose completely out of his seat. So I took the nose and moved it several times, trying to understand where it should have been initially, I also pressed several times on the nose, trying to bring it back into place and I did it at least three times.

That time it took a little longer to heal, but it wasn't as bad as the first time, but after the second, I was left with double vision problems. In fact, if I tried to look peripherally, everything became opaque. I saw double, as if I had two lights in front of me and I was trying to look at them and the thing has remained with me even now and more than 10 years have passed." As it turns out, the life of the pro-wrestling wrestler isn't quite as easy as people sometimes think.