Cody Rhodes discusses the prospects of becoming a heel

“Being a heel in wrestling, it’s very hard to be a heel today.“

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes discusses the prospects of becoming a heel
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Cody Rhodes, currently seen by many as the most intriguing figure in the wrestling scene, is contemplating his future. In an interview with The Pivot podcast, he revealed his plans regarding what he intends to do moving forward. The undisputed WWE Champion is the person who has the most attention on him. Rhodes primarily discussed the possibility of portraying a heel in the future. 

With many years of experience in the wrestling scene, Rhodes understands well what it means to be a heel. He emphasizes that in today's era, being a heel is challenging. Only those who are most prepared and skilled can successfully handle such a role and build a career that way. Rhodes is open to various scenarios, believing that a heel's job is not to be cool.

“Being a heel in wrestling, it’s very hard to be a heel today. What is a heel, if a heel is trying to actively take something away that you like, you’ll hear people in wrestling say there is a wrong type of heat, there is truly no such thing as the wrong type of heat, as long as you can manage it, as long as you can take it. Today, people get cancelled for everything, every hour, somebody is getting cancelled and uncancelled, a heel’s job is to get cancelled, a heel’s job is to not be cool, and not sell merch.”- Rhodes said, as quoted by Pwmania.

Rhodes also commented on how the term "heel" has evolved, suggesting it has become associated more with charismatic figures like The Rock, who, despite not being traditional villains, can still upset fans by their actions. Rhodes pointed to The Rock's ability to navigate controversial storylines and produce strong emotional responses from audiences, illustrating that embracing being disliked can sometimes be a strategic advantage in wrestling.

The Rock is one of the most famous figures, and someone from whom we are used to seeing great things on the wrestling scene. The things he managed, many did not, which makes him special.

The Rock
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John Bradshaw Layfield

John Bradshaw Layfield is a well-known name to many who have followed WWE throughout history. Playing the bad guy was a role that suited him well, and he was great in it. Rhodes highlighted that JBL immersed himself so deeply in his character that he would prevent his merchandise from being sold, even in his own hometown. His intention was to provoke the audience's anger and produce their reactions, thereby solidifying his role. 

Rhodes states that JBL's aim was for fans to support other wrestlers like Cena and Guerrero. Cody Rhodes believes that portraying a heel in wrestling is a complex matter. The Undisputed WWE Champion emphasizes that to portray a heel effectively, one must be open, emotionally vulnerable, and openly confrontational to create a compelling storyline.

Rhodes stresses that many fans anticipate a scenario where he would be a heel. Cody thinks that the current time is completely different and more complex than before. Many things have changed over the past few years, with the emphasis now on entirely different matters.

“There is a growing sect of fans that want to see that happen for me at some point. If you’re really wishing for that, it’s scorched earth, then you might be, we don’t like that. You have to really go scorched earth, and in 2024, that is hard for anyone to understand, you’re not meant to be cool, you’re not meant to be the next Rock, you’re meant to be a bad guy.”- Rhodes said.

The Undertaker on Cody Rhodes as a heel

During his appearance on Insight With Chris Van Vliet, The Undertaker, a wrestling legend who has made history, commented on Cody Rhodes and his role as a heel. The Undertaker believes that Rhodes is doing a phenomenal job and predicts he will accomplish great things in a heel role. He highlighted seeing certain connections between Rhodes and the heel persona, noting that Rhodes is already doing excellent work as a babyface.

The Undertaker is one of the greatest heels in the history of the company. For years, he instilled fear in opponents and wrestling fans, remaining a recognizable figure to this day. He is considered by many to be the most recognizable face of the wrestling scene, even to those who do not follow WWE.

It will be interesting to see in which direction Cody Rhodes' career will go, and whether the company's leaders will trust him. We will see how Rhodes will find himself as a heel, of course if it comes to that. The fans are impatient and can't wait to see the events regarding him in the coming period.

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