Triple H reveals plans for John Cena's Hall of Fame tribute

Triple H, currently the man at the helm of one of the biggest companies, WWE, is attracting attention with statements and predictions in the wrestling world.

by Sead Dedovic
Triple H reveals plans for John Cena's Hall of Fame tribute
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WWE is a company that records growth from week to week, and it seems that they are experiencing even greater shine since Triple H is at the head of this company. Many great names passed through this company and became part of the Hall of Fame. In the future, it is expected that a few more will be part of the Hall of Fame, and many names are in the protocol.

Triple H, currently the man at the helm of one of the biggest companies, WWE, is attracting attention with statements and predictions in the wrestling world. During the Money in the Bank press conference, Triple H discussed many topics, and at one point, they touched on John Cena, considering whether Cena's future lies in the Hall of Fame. 

Fans think that would be a great option, but does Triple H think so?

Triple H believes that Cena is a wrestler who deserves to be part of the Hall of Fame. Triple H went as far as to say that Cena is someone who can choose for himself when he will become part of the Hall of Fame. In Triple H's words, one can feel the immense respect he has for his former colleague, believing that Cena has long deserved such recognition.

Is the Hall of Fame in John Cena’s future? Yeah. We may build him his own. It absolutely is. I am of the opinion that, and obviously myself, Nick and others will discuss this. I am of the opinion that John has earned the right to say when John wants to go into the Hall of Fame. When it works for his schedule. He’s a busy man. When it works for his time. When it’s right for him as a person.”- Triple H said, as quoted by Pwmania.

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Triple H emphasized that wrestlers sometimes desire to create distance between themselves and their past achievements, allowing them to step away and later reconnect with those moments. Triple H has no doubt that John Cena's future includes induction into the Hall of Fame. He acknowledged his desire to discuss this with Cena, highlighting that the first question would be when Cena wants to proceed and who he prefers to present him. This approach stresses Triple H's respect for Cena as a wrestling legend.

John Cena confirmed his WWE retirement during his appearance at the Money in the Bank premium live event. Cena will be appearing at several events in the coming year, including Elimination Chamber, Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania 41. Cena aims to bid farewell in a spectacular manner, showing his abilities one last time and leaving a lasting mark on the wrestling scene.

The legendary wrestler caused varied reactions, including boos, during his speech to the crowd. Fans do not want Cena to end his career, but his plans are clear. John Cena is evidently tired of it all, ready to turn a new page in life and dedicate himself to other pursuits. His career has been filled with huge successes, shining moments, and he will remain a figure fans will find hard to forget. For some, Cena is synonymous with wrestling, and many wrestling fans grew up watching his achievements and performances.

“The 2025 Royal Rumble will be my last. The 2025 Elimination Chamber will be my last. And I’m here tonight to announce that in Las Vegas, WrestleMania 2025 will be the last I compete in.”-Cena said.

After his speech concluded, fans were filled with adrenaline, chanting "Thank you, Cena" in appreciation. He didn't forget to express his gratitude to the fans who have been his biggest supporters throughout his entire career. John Cena is a wrestler with a large fan base, someone who respects the voice and desires of his fans.

“Thank you so much for letting me play in the house that you built for so many years. Thank you so much always for your voice because it’s really loud, and your honesty because it’s beautifully brutal.”

What can we expect in the future regarding John Cena?

John Cena also challenged some of the young talents and stars of the wrestling scene, emphasizing that this is their moment to shine. However, Cena admitted that this does not signify the end of his involvement with WWE. This great wrestler could potentially take on a completely different role within the company in the future. A figure like him is highly valued by Triple H and other executives of the company. Cena's experience and qualities are a guarantee of success. We will see what his plans are after retirement and whether he will remain part of WWE in a different capacity.

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