Bruce Prichard's interesting view on Vince McMahon’s million dollar giveaway

Prichard stated that at the time, such an idea seemed unacceptable to some within the company.

by Sead Dedovic
Bruce Prichard's interesting view on Vince McMahon’s million dollar giveaway
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Many times in his career, Vince McMahon knew how to shock WWE fans and cause reactions. His story in this company is written with great moments and moments that fans will never forget. Once upon a time, there were also less successful ones, while in most cases, WWE leaders together with McMahon knew how to make the right moves.

WWE Senior Vice President Bruce Prichard spoke on the 'Something to Wrestle With' podcast about interesting topics, one of which was Vince McMahon's Million Dollar Giveaway concept. Prichard stated that at the time, such an idea seemed unacceptable to some within the company who believed that taking money from the company and giving it away was not appropriate. However, the former WWE boss didn't dwell too much on it, wanting to produce a great story. McMahon decided to give away his own money. It was talked about everywhere, and McMahon proved to be a great businessman and someone who knows how to attract attention from the media and fans.

“It’s not just building a mailing list. It’s awareness, it’s getting people to talk about this billionaire giving away $1 million of his own money. And that is what it was, because you couldn’t take it out of the company. It’s a publicly-traded company, and the board was like, ‘You can’t take that out of company money to just give it away.’ So Vince said, ‘Okay, I’ll pay it personally.’ And it was a publicity stunt. It was a stunt, it got people talking everywhere. Local media, every place that we went everybody was talking about giving away the money… Not only do you have to watch TV, but you can come to a live event, enjoy a great show and still have the possibility of winning money. It’s a nice added attraction.”- Prichard said, as quoted by Pwmania.

Bruce Prichard: I hated it. I just hated it

When asked if there were individuals within WWE who were against such an idea, Bruce Prichard explained that there wasn't considerable opposition. He emphasized that the concept essentially involved paying for advertising by rewarding customers directly, which he viewed as a positive strategy that benefited all parties involved. According to him, there were no objections to this approach, as it was perceived as a sound business move that effectively promoted WWE.

Prichard isn't happy with how things ultimately turned out. Despite the vision being great and seeming like such an idea could have turned into a big project, things turned out differently. Prichard stresses that throughout the process, many things get lost, and individuals alter things. However, Prichard believes the most important thing is that they tried, hoping for the best. His opinion is that things could have been better executed, noting that he's not a fan of the whole idea.

“I hated it. I just hated it. You know, when you visualize things, when you talk about things and you can visualize something. And you think, ‘Oh man, this sounds gonna be, it’s gonna be great.’ And then the practicality of A, trying to explain your vision to somebody else for them to actually make it a reality and make it happen. A lot gets lost in translation, and then just sheer execution, and being safe and trying to do something. It’s — you know, we tried something. I don’t think it worked. I didn’t think it was well executed, and I don’t know, I just — not a fan and didn’t really care for it.”- Prichard continued.

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon© Ethan Miller / Getty Images Entertainment

Prichard knew the situation in the company very well, and in many cases, he was not wrong when he predicted what might happen.

Vince McMahon and his ideas

McMahon is known as a man with a great vision and a man who has big ideas, but in some cases, of course, it happened that things did not go in the direction they were supposed to. However, as the company's boss for many years, and the main person, he created a spectacle many times, shocked the fans, and knew how to get everyone's reaction. WWE is doing great things even now that he's not part of the company, intending to write an even greater story than what was written before. Tripe H, the new boss, has a lot of projects and ideas in his head that he plans to implement in the coming period. Who knows, maybe he will make moves similar to those McMahon made.

The WWE boss is in a difficult situation after all the accusations, and a difficult period is behind him and ahead of him.