Cody Rhodes reveals his words to his father after WrestleMania 40, looking skyward

As a child, Cody Rhodes dreamed of reaching the throne, especially after realizing his father had not succeeded in winning the championship.

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes reveals his words to his father after WrestleMania 40, looking skyward
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Cody Rhodes will never forget the moment he won the WWE Universal title at WrestleMania 40. It was a moment WWE fans had been dreaming of for years, just like Cody Rhodes himself, who had promised to fulfill his father Dusty Rhodes's dream. Dusty has been gone for some time now, but the legacy he left on the wrestling scene will never be forgotten. Rhodes, appearing on The Pivot podcast, revealed what he said to his father while looking up at the sky after his victory against Roman Reigns. Rhodes was primarily surprised that no one caught the moment when he looked up and sent a message to his father.

“At Mania, I had a brief moment where I got to look up and I’m very shocked that Michael Cole or nobody could pick up what I was saying. Maybe it was because the shot was so quick. I looked up and I said, ‘Sorry it took me so long.’ I think I planned on saying a gazzilion other things, but that’s really how I felt.”- Cody Rhodes said, as quoted by Pwmania.

As a child, Cody Rhodes dreamed of reaching the throne, especially after realizing his father had not succeeded in winning the championship. Despite initial career setbacks, it didn't seem like he would succeed at first; hard work, dedication, and patience proved crucial in his journey. Even when things didn't go as planned, Cody never considered giving up. His father always had huge self-belief, hoping someone in the family could achieve their goal. Rhodes expected to become champion earlier, but regardless of timing, he fulfilled the Rhodes family legacy.

“‘This is really cool. My mom is in the ring. ‘Your family is taken care of. Generationally, we’re setting everything up, but I’m sorry it took so long.’ He was a believer. Truthfully. Not just Dad, ‘That’s my boy.’ He really thought, ‘He’s got it. He just has to find it.’ I did. It was just later than anticipated.”- Rhodes continued.

Rhodes has admitted that even as an eight-year-old, he wanted to achieve this goal, believing he would succeed. His desire was for his father to be there as a witness to his great achievement. When you idolize your father, and watch his performances as a child, it's certainly not easy to build a career without him. Becoming a champion, however, is a dream he achieved, but Cody would have loved for his father to be part of the spectacle.

“Truthfully at eight years old that was my goal, my goal was to do what I did last night and you know I wish he had been alive for it … I often get emotional on the microphone, there’s a good chunk of wrestling fans, that is not what they are tuning in for.”- he said.

Cody Rhodes
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Cody Rhodes put an accent on the support he received from fans at Madison Square Garden, emphasizing that the crowd typically prefers strong, confident performances rather than emotional shows. However, he felt a special connection with the MSG audience during a particular moment, appreciating their acceptance despite his emotional reaction. Rhodes was grateful for the opportunity to perform in a venue that held important meaning for his father, Dusty Rhodes, knowing that MSG had always been supportive of Dusty even when it wasn't necessary.

Cody Rhodes on his relationship with Roman Reigns

Cody Rhodes acknowledged his positive relationship with Roman Reigns, emphasizing mutual respect and admiration. He highlighted that at no point did he show disrespect towards Reigns or his accomplishments. Cody expressed admiration for Roman Reigns' achievements over the years in wrestling. He understands their relationship in terms of both striving for victory and making a mark in the wrestling world. Cody expressed a desire to sit down with Reigns in the near future and discuss various topics, stressing there are many common themes they could explore together.

Rhodes also made sure to mention their families, acknowledging the connections they share. He referenced Sika Anoaʻi, a well-known figure in wrestling who recently passed away and who was Reigns' father. Both Cody and Reigns grew up watching their parents, dreaming of making it big in the industry. Cody believes their parents would be proud of them, watching over them from above.

It will be interesting to follow the continuation of their careers and to see what both of them can offer us in the coming period. There are high expectations from both of them. We have no doubt that WWE executives will give the fans what they have been dreaming about.

Both wrestlers gave us great moments. Therefore, we expect the same in the coming period.

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