Cody Rhodes reflects on his relationship with Roman Reigns after WrestleMania 40

“I don’t dislike Roman and I think he doesn’t dislike me but when we see ourselves on the poster together.“

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes reflects on his relationship with Roman Reigns after WrestleMania 40
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Cody Rhodes, currently the most famous name in the wrestling scene, attracts attention day by day.

Cody Rhodes has always dreamed of appearing on the big stage and making history in wrestling. After achieving that, it seems Rhodes intends to stay at the top and maintain his championship streak for as long as possible. In April of this year, Rhodes succeeded in defeating Roman Reigns, marking the beginning of a new era in WWE. 

He became the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, a moment he had long visualized and dedicated himself to. While his career hasn't always been filled with positive moments, the experienced wrestler patiently waited for his chance, proving in AEW that he is a wrestler worthy of admiration and deserving of an opportunity on the greatest stage.

Their match caused enormous attention and has been remembered as one of the greatest in wrestling's era. Rhodes' intention upon his return was to win a title his father, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, never captured. 

In an interview with The Pivot podcast, Rhodes discussed his relationship with Roman Reigns after everything. The 39-year-old wrestler respects Roman, considering him a brilliant wrestler. The situation led to the two facing off in such a match, but it doesn't change Rhodes' stance when it comes to Roman.

“I think Roman and I are great opponents. I don’t dislike Roman and I think he doesn’t dislike me but when we see ourselves on the poster together, we get it. I’m supposed to beat you, you’re supposed to beat me, you’re supposed to be the benchmark, I want to be the benchmark.”- Cody Rhodes said, as quoted by Pwmania.

Cody Rhodes
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Rhodes admitted that in the coming period, he would like to sit down with Reigns and talk. Reigns is a wrestler that we don't have to talk about too much, considering that the successes he achieved on the wrestling scene are a good indicator of him and his qualities. Rhodes considers it fate that he and Reigns cross each other's path, especially considering their family connection. Cody is a person who believes in fate, especially after the recent events concerning Reigns.

“I’d love to sit with Roman at one point. We’ve never had that, to sit and talk. Even if we were to watch something back, if WWE organized it where we watch WrestleMania. Just because our families have been linked for so long, it’s kind of fate that put us together. I’m not a big believer in anything but there’s that element of destiny and fate with him and I going against each other.”- he continued.

Cody Rhodes on becoming a champion

Cody Rhodes, after becoming champion, had the opportunity to talk on 'The Pat McAfee Show', emphasizing that he never used the advice established in the wrestling world. He again emphasized his father as the main motive for such a feat. His father, Dusty, is also the reason why Cody fell in love with wrestling, the lights of the ring, and the crowd. 

From an early age, wrestling became a part of his life, it entered his blood, and Rhodes never doubted that he would appear at the top. This great wrestler has always followed his dreams and goals, believing that he can become a wrestler who will 'remove' the curse of the Rhodes family.

"There's that saying when you enter any sports, entertainment, 'Hey, act like you've been there before.' I haven't and that's the whole point of getting there and getting it done, because I want to know for the first time what that feels like," Rhodes said. "The story about Dusty Rhodes in 1978 and holding that title — I have that title with me. Holding that title and it being taken away because of how he won the match, that's all very much what we talk about when we talk about finishing the story."- he continued.

Rhodes spoke highly of Reigns even then, considering him the greatest champion WWE has seen in decades. This era of WWE attracts special attention, considering the large number of talented wrestlers who want to touch the sky in search of stars.

It will be interesting to follow the progress of both wrestlers, especially Rhodes, who has yet to write a story in this company. The 39-year-old has gained a large fan base, which hopes that his era can last longer than anyone before.

WWE executives have great plans for Rhodes, but it is still unknown what those plans will be. A lot is expected from him, but also from Reigns when it comes to the future. We hope that both of them can give us what we need.

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