Billy Gunn expresses interest in facing Will Ospreay in retirement match

“When I retire it’s me and Will, and he just said on some media scrum that he’s in AEW to retire me.“

by Sead Dedovic
Billy Gunn expresses interest in facing Will Ospreay in retirement match
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Billy Gunn talked about interesting topics in the wrestling scene during an interview with Chris Van Vliet, including his showdown with Will Ospreay in his retirement match. Gunn emphasized that he has massive respect for Ospreay, considering him a great guy with immense energy. He highlighted some other qualities Ospreay possesses, believing he can have a great career. Will is someone Gunn sees as a target, ready to face him in the ring.

“I don’t know what it is about that kid. I love him, I tell everybody that’s my retirement match. When I retire it’s me and Will, and he just said on some media scrum that he’s in AEW to retire me. Because his work really isn’t me. It’s so opposite of me. But I love him. He’s good. He’s very energetic. Just the stuff he does is amazing. He’s so athletic and could do so much stuff. But he has charisma with it and he’s very good at that. And I love that, I don’t know I just love that kid.”- he said, as quoted by Pw Mania.

Will Ospreay
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In discussing his role and contributions within the company, Billy Gunn expressed that while he may not engage in a 25-minute classic match with someone like Will Ospreay, he believes he still brings value. He stresses that his presence produces a strong reaction from the audience, which he sees as a sign of his continued relevance. 

Gunn is a man who has shown dedication and willingness to become a star throughout his career. Many characteristics make it so special and different from the others. This is also one of the reasons why he has a large number of fans and is a person about whom many have only words of praise. He seems to be there to guide young people on the right path and show them how to build a career. Mentors like him can be very important when you dream of becoming a wrestling star.

Gunn is committed to contributing positively, ensuring that his involvement is welcomed and appreciated by fans. He is open to supporting talents like The Acclaimed or assisting the company in any capacity that aligns with his skills and interests. For him, being part of the team, even in a supporting role, allows him to enjoy interacting with the audience and embracing the playful aspects of his job, which he finds fulfilling.

The 60-year-old wrestler has never shied away from such a role. Looking at the current roster of AEW as well as WWE, Gunn noticed many talents who have the perspective of becoming stars of the wrestling scene. The only question is whether they will realize their potential and meet expectations.

Billy Gunn and retirement

Given that he is already in his late years, and the times when many finish their careers and turn a new leaf in life, many wonder when Gunn will say goodbye to wrestling. It seems that this great wrestler has no answer to such a question.

Although he admitted that he has problems with the injury, he still has no intention of giving up his greatest passion: wrestling. Although he is aware that he cannot give his maximum or be the wrestler he once was, he stresses that he can be very useful in the company. His role seems to be primarily to develop young talents, train them, and work with them. Such a job is easy for him. In addition, Gunn shows everyone by example in the ring how much he still wants to be part of the story.

“I wish I knew, I don’t feel too bad. But a lot of it is the way that I take care of myself. I mean, yeah, do I wake up and everything until I get moving? Yeah. I just found out I have two stress fractures in my back, but they don’t stop me from doing what I do, it doesn’t hinder me. But I can still do what I do at a pretty good level. I mean, I’m not gonna go out there and go 25 minutes with Will [Ospreay], that ain’t happening. But do I still have equity in the company? Can I still bring something? Damn right I can, because the minute I step out there those people go nuts and they start saying my name.“- he concluded.

Gunn admitted that in the moments when he notices that the crowd is not reacting positively to his performance, that will be the moment when he will decide that it is over. In the moments when he can still be useful and influence the company's progress, the 60-year-old has no intention of ending his career. In addition, his body will be important in the whole story. It is hard to expect that in a few years, Gunn will still be able to make such efforts and stay healthy.