Will Ospreay talks AEW's growth and rebuilding phase

“I do believe we’ve had this string of bad luck when it comes to criticism where the ratings come in.“

by Sead Dedovic
Will Ospreay talks AEW's growth and rebuilding phase
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AEW is a company that has experienced rapid rise and achieved huge success in the wrestling scene in a short period of time. Despite initial skepticism and doubts from some when they first appeared on the big stage, the company led by Tony Khan has proven to be doing a great job. 

One of the biggest stars of this company, Will Ospreay, discussed the current situation within the company in an interview with CBS Sports. The AEW International Champion has been with the company since November last year, following years in NJPW. 

Ospreay highlighted in the media interview that AEW has faced a lot of bad luck and a large number of criticisms. Some individuals strictly focus on certain things, neglecting potentially more important aspects. AEW is going through an interesting phase, and Ospreay is probably someone from whom they expect a lot. He is a man who boosts ratings, attracts attention, and influences the growth of AEW, alongside his colleagues.

“It’s all fairly new to me. I do believe we’ve had this string of bad luck when it comes to criticism where the ratings come in, and a lot of people live on that. Right now, we’re in a rebuilding phase, and they’re always hard. I was discussing this with some of my friends a little while ago. Even as a wrestler, five years in, you do find yourself. You always hit a plateau. Whether that’s within your character or ability or trying to get booked elsewhere, there is always that five-year-old growing pain. I think every company goes through it. If we were going to look back five years to what WWE was doing, it was low.“- Will Ospreay said, as quoted by Pw Mania.

Will Ospreay
Will Ospreay© WRESTHINGS / Youtube Channel

He finds WWE's current success inspiring and sees it as a target to aim towards. Ospreay explains that when he sees what WWE is achieving, it motivates him and his colleagues at AEW to raise their standards. 

WWE is a company that has had the main say in the world of wrestling for years, and its status and prestige are something that does not need to be talked about much. The company, currently led by Triple H, has produced wrestling giants and has become a company that can hardly be matched by anyone. 

Wrestling, of course, should not become a competition or a fight between companies, although this increases competitiveness and raises the quality of wrestling. It's a fact that AEW is doing great things, but it is also certain they need some time to consolidate their position in the world of wrestling and go on a similar path as WWE.

Ospreay emphasizes that he doesn't avoid criticism; in fact, he welcomes it. For instance, if someone criticizes his attire, he understands that everyone has an idea of what a championship representative should look like. He draws a parallel by mentioning that in his hometown of Essex, the way he dresses reflects the local style and culture. He believes in authenticity and understands that people in different places may have different perspectives.

When you are a wrestler with an open mind and always ready to learn, it will make your way to the top much easier. The 31-year-old was always open to learning and broadening his horizons. In many moments, he showed how ready he is to adapt, change, and progress at the same time. He gained a name over the years to become a wrestler worthy of attention and respect today. Many wonder if his career will go in a different direction in the future.

Despite his pride in AEW's accomplishments and the exciting matches they produce, Ospreay recognizes the importance of taking criticism seriously. He believes that by listening to and learning from critiques, AEW can evolve and improve as a company.

Will Ospreay on AJ Styles

Ospreay also touched on other topics, such as AJ Styles and his relationship with him. Will knows how important AJ Styles is to the company and everyone around him. He admitted that Styles was a person who opened many doors for him, and he did not forget to thank him for everything. The 31-year-old was also once a boy who looked at the stars, just as they look at him today. He is proud when he sees a boy who tells him that part of wrestling is mainly because of him. Such moments are the reason why he loves wrestling.

“Like a 14-year-old or an 18-year-old kid said, Oh, your match with Ricochet got me into wrestling, and it freaks me out because now I’m 31 years old. It’s been over eight years now. As you know, it’s just the approach in eight years, so I take that with every bit of like, and I’m proud of that.“