Cody Rhodes praises Triple H's open-minded leadership as WWE's CEO

Cody Rhodes had a lot of advice for wrestlers.

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes praises Triple H's open-minded leadership as WWE's CEO
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Cody Rhodes is currently one of the more interesting figures in WWE, attracting huge public attention. The brilliant wrestler spoke about various topics in an interview with Behind The Turnbuckle. One of the topics was the new WWE management, which is doing great things, at least judging by the fans' reactions. Cody Rhodes believes that the company's leaders, headed by Triple H, have certain principles, and the combination of youth and experience has proven to be a great formula for the future

“Have an open mind. A lot of the luminaries, legends, old-timers, when they mix with the modern locker room, the mistake is made of, ‘this is the only way it’s meant to be done. These are the rules. They are rigid, they are firm,'” Rhodes said, as quoted by Pw Mania.

Rhodes placed a special emphasis on the new generation of wrestlers who are just starting to build their story in this company. Historically, WWE has faced numerous changes and turbulence, but ultimately, they have remained true to some basic aspects of their product. Recently, however, it has been noticeable that many changes are taking place. 

Younger wrestlers are becoming more reserved and less willing to listen to veterans and older individuals, building their careers according to their desires. Although some criticize this behavior, Rhodes is one of those who supports this mindset, believing that having an open mind and the willingness to reach the top is commendable

“You’ve seen this generation coming up of Gen Z. We see a lot of it at the Nightmare Factory. That doesn’t work. That type of motivation doesn’t work. ‘I did it all and I was at the top of my game so you have to listen to everything I’m saying.’ I’ve noticed talent, especially younger talent, are more independent-minded than they’ve ever been. They’re more strong-willed than they’ve ever been about what they can do. If you’re one of these guys coming in, having an open mind is the greatest thing ever.”- Rhodes said.

Rhodes mentioned Triple H as a prime example of a veteran who successfully balances tradition with innovation. He stated that Triple H could have strictly adhered to the methods taught by his mentors, such as Killer Kowalski and Vince McMahon. Instead, Triple H chose to maintain an open mind, appreciating the timeless principles like "less is more" while also embracing new ideas. This approach allows veterans to respect the bases of wrestling while adapting to current trends.

Triple H surprised everyone by showing that he is an open-minded man, ready to expand his horizons and accept new trends. Such an approach enabled young wrestlers to show their best, enjoy a dose of freedom, and fulfill their potential. Triple H is not a strict person, with rigid attitudes, who does not want to listen to the opinion of others. His openness to advice and suggestions is truly commendable.

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Rhodes admires veteran wrestlers who approach the industry with flexibility and a willingness to have fun. He stresses that wrestling is a unique blend of serious storylines and entertaining, family-oriented content. 

This inclusivity appeals to generations of fans, from fathers and sons to mothers and daughters. Rhodes believes that as long as the audience is engaged and enjoying the show, there are countless ways to present wrestling. Therefore, having an open mind is crucial for veterans to connect with both their peers and younger talent.

Cody Rhodes and his path

Cody Rhodes had the opportunity during the first stages of his career to be part of the old guard and to see the way they behave, build a career, and come to the top of the wrestling scene. As a young wrestler, he absorbed knowledge, used it, and ultimately used what he had learned.

Rhodes' career was not a fairy tale from day one. On the contrary, Cody had many challenges ahead of him and obstacles that he had to 'jump over'. At one point, he settled in AEW, where he experienced rapid popularity and growth.

Patience and self-belief proved to be crucial for this wrestler. Today, Rhodes is the WWE champion, a respectable name in the world of wrestling, and a person from whom many have huge expectations.

It is also clear that Rhodes has a great relationship with the leaders of the company, primarily Triple H. You can feel the positive relationship and team spirit behind the curtain in the ring. WWE seems to be experiencing the best days in its history, and many people are deserving for it, perhaps Triple H the most.

It will be interesting to follow the next stages of this company.

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