Sasha Banks rewrites WWE history!

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Sasha Banks rewrites WWE history!

A match of apparently relative importance, but which instead contributes to changing the history of WWE (recent and not only). It was consumed during the night in SmackDown, when Sasha Banks faced (and beaten) a male opponent: it is Reginald, that is the aide of that Carmella who is currently the main opponent of the Boss.

The clash between the two was a full-blown match, in which the favorite wrestler was confronted with an opponent certainly not of a high profile, but of a real athlete. Quite different, so to speak, from that James Ellsworth who always as an ally of Carmella underwent some sound lessons from Becky Lynch in 2017 (without however ever giving up the comedy side that dominated the issue).

The one played on Friday night of SmackDown, on the other hand, was a full-fledged Intergender Match. For many years in WWE it is basically forbidden any kind of clash between men and women, especially if they are the first to cause damage to the second.

Occasionally it happened that it was a woman (Superstar or even manager) to give blows to a man, who never reacted. This is demonstrated by the many Mixed Tag Team Matches in which a tag requires that even the male fighter on duty, however bad he may be, immediately stops the action in the ring to give the change to his partner.

The times that the WWE has touched the Intergender Match in recent years

There have been some variations on the theme, but always occasional. Unforgettable are the bumps taken by Stephanie McMahon during the matches played at WrestleMania by her husband Triple H with Roman Reigns before her and then Seth Rollins.

The Game himself, however, had lent itself to suffer blows and even real maneuvers from Ronda Rousey, without ever reacting. Important changes in this sense seemed to be able to arrive in 2019 thanks to Nia Jax, who took the number 30 at the Royal Rumble (male) undergoing the most famous maneuvers of colleagues such as Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio.

Even WWE seemed on the point of organizing a real Intergender Match between Nia Jax herself and Dean Ambrose, whose theater could even have been WrestleMania 35 (the last in WWE for the current Jon Moxley before his farewell to Stamford), but then nothing came of it.

In the meantime, other companies have drawn the line, starting with Impact: here between 2019 and 2020 there was a series of clashes between Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard, with the latter even winning the title in the Hard to Kill ppv.

(male) by Impact World Champion. Now the WWE also moves in a very important way on the subject. And, who knows, in a few years we may find ourselves remembering that episode of SmackDown in which Sasha Banks was first involved in a real match against a man.