Famous MMA Figure reveals shocking details about Vince McMahon

Chael Sonnen addressed the rumors about McMahon that have been circulating for a long time.

by Sead Dedovic
Famous MMA Figure reveals shocking details about Vince McMahon
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Former MMA fighter Chael Sonnen started discussions on the FLAGRANT podcast, particularly when the show's host and Sonnen focused on allegations concerning Vince McMahon. McMahon has long been a key figure in the wrestling world due to accusations against him. 

Sonnen mentioned on the podcast that he hasn't met McMahon personally but knows of 11 people who have been intimate with him, including eight women. 

He remains uncertain about McMahon's potential return to the wrestling scene but suggested that if others come forward with their experiences, it could further complicate matters for the former WWE boss. McMahon has faced considerable scrutiny for some time in light of various allegations. However, establishing his guilt will primarily hinge on legal proceedings, making it difficult to draw definitive conclusions or uncover the truth in the entire situation.

“I never met Vince, and I know 11 people that he slept with eight of them women, all consenting adults, so which is the implication to [the others being men]. I was talking trash but I wasn’t joking on ‘The Jim Rome Show.’ Anyway, I mean, when Vince got me-too’d out of the business I did think it was a surprise. But as good as he is, I would not completely count that he couldn’t come back. But when the men start coming out, it will be a different story.”- Sonnen said, as quoted by PwMania.

Michaels continued to highlight what has been talked about for several years, that McMahon, based on his status and prestige in the company, used such situations to help wrestlers reach the top. Sonnen also mentioned Shawn Michaels, emphasizing that he had a close relationship with McMahon. Of course, Sonnen's statements likely rely on assumptions and stories that have circulated for some time. Shawn Michaels has been mentioned in that context for a while now.

“He would hold their careers over him, just like he would the women. It was the same thing. You get paid more, you get pushed more. This is not a secret in the industry. Like, I’m not talking trash. This was very well known. But, I mean, Shawn Michaels, like guys that you would know there was … [when asked if McMahon and Michaels slept together, he replied] or whatever it is that they [were doing].”- Sonnen continued.

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen
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Sonnen explained that there were many homose*uals Vince McMahon interacted with, but there were also straight men who desired career progress, which sometimes confused ethical lines similar to prostitution. This was recognized within the industry. McMahon, along with Pat Patterson and other executives, was mentioned in this context. According to Sonnen, there was a perception that if a woman rejected McMahon, she might face repercussions like being taken off television.

Scott Hall

It's interesting that Hall mentioned in an interview several years ago that McMahon wanted to turn his feud with Goldust into a homose*ual angle. Although Hall resisted this idea, McMahon decided to share his first homose*ual experience, even though many were not interested in hearing it.

“He goes, ‘let me tell you about my first homos*xual experience.’ And I remember sitting, me and Kevin [Nash] both sitting in Vince’s office at TV, and I looked at Kevin. My first thought was, ‘As opposed to your most recent? Like you and Warrior on a bearskin rug?’ Sorry, Vince.” - Hall said.

Hall revealed details of the story, revealing that McMahon once went hitchhiking. Scott didn't know anything about McMahon's past. Hall didn't understand why McMahon was telling him such stories, given that he was focused only on wrestling and building his career. It was clear that McMahon had specific intentions.

“He was talking about when he was living in North Carolina, so he was hitchhiking one time. And I don’t know anything about Vince’s past but I’m thinking, ‘hitchhiking from where, the pool to the country club?’ Like, ‘what?!’ And he said some guy picked him up and was like rubbing his hand on his leg. And I’m thinking, ‘okay, now you tell me what does this have to do with wrestling?'”- he said.

After everything that has happened, many are now speaking publicly about McMahon and some of the things he talked about. It seems that various stories have been accumulating over the years within WWE, which will now come to light. Day by day, we can see former and current wrestlers revealing interesting anecdotes about McMahon and his life. Vince is in a difficult situation, and the question is how he will eventually fare after everything.

The man who has been in charge for years is now backed into a corner, and he will try to break free.

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