Tony Khan reflects on Sting's retirement as AEW's greatest feat

Sting, an icon of wrestling, is someone who has defined an era of this sport and has left his mark on the history of wrestling.

by Sead Dedovic
Tony Khan reflects on Sting's retirement as AEW's greatest feat
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For five years now, AEW has been part of the wrestling scene, doing great things. While expectations weren't enormous for Tony Khan as the head of this company and the rest of the staff, it turned out that Tony and his colleagues were doing a much better job than expected. 

Despite being a young company, a lot has happened in five years. AEW has signed big names, held numerous major events and matches, and gained a huge fan base. Progress is felt day by day, and the company's leadership intends to continue in the same direction in the future. 

Tony Khan, the main figure of this company, spoke about AEW and its direction in an interview for Bleacher Report. One of the interesting topics was the greatest thing AEW has achieved, and Tony Khan had no doubts: Sting's retirement and his final year as a pro wrestler are among the greatest achievements of this company.

“The greatest thing we’ve ever done in AEW, in my opinion, is the retirement of Sting and the way we handled Sting’s final years as a pro wrestler.“- Tony Khan said, as quoted by Pwmania.

Tony Khan
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Sting, an icon of wrestling, is someone who has defined an era of this sport and has left his mark on the history of wrestling. The 65-year-old began his career in the 1980s and became a wrestler worthy of admiration and praise. He made a huge impact performing in WCW, where his quality was immediately recognized, leading to a steep rise in his career. 

After joining WWE, Sting continued where he left off and dominated the big stage just as before. Due to the massive influence he exerted, Sting was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The final phase of his career was in AEW. Many emotional moments marked his time in AEW, and Sting is grateful to Khan and the rest of the AEW leadership for the opportunity given to him.

Khan is also grateful to Sting for everything he has brought to AEW. Khan knew that Sting's arrival in AEW would be a significant moment and a big deal for the company, which aims to achieve great things. Khan had a sense that Sting was not happy with his experience in WWE and was looking for something entirely different. Although Sting wanted to return, and Khan facilitated that, it seemed like he didn't have high expectations. It turned out to be the best move for both sides.

“He had one of the greatest careers ever in wrestling and when he arrived in AEW, he did not feel that his prior run had been what he was looking for. When he had previously competed in WWE, I don’t think he had a great experience with WWE. He was looking to do something very different. When I first talked to Sting, he was interested in having a comeback, but I don’t think Steve [Borden] ever imagined it would lead to a three-year run in wrestling that would become legendary.“- he continued.

Tony Khan on the importance of Sting for the company

Tony Khan put an accent on Sting's impact in AEW, describing their partnership as a legendary series of matches. From Sting's undefeated start alongside Darby Allin to their achievements as AEW's most successful team, Khan mentioned their huge contributions to the promotion's history. 

Although some did not have particularly high expectations, it turned out that Sting was the right man for this company. From the very first day, it was clear that Sting could write a beautiful story for this company and leave a special mark, which eventually happened.

Tony Khan highlighted their memorable matches and key moments, culminating in their crowning as AEW world tag team champions. Khan regarded Sting's final match against The Young Bucks at AEW Revolution as a 'greatest sendoff ever in pro wrestling'. 

Tony Khan is happy that Sting was part of this company, considering that he had a huge impact on the growth of AEW.

A few months ago, Sting revealed what Tony Khan told him in 2020 when he became part of the company. The owner of AEW was not happy with the way Sting was treated, and he knew he could get the most out of him. It turns out that Khan made a great move, just like Sting who had faith in this move.

“I’m gonna make sure you retire the right way, you’re gonna go out the right way. I don’t like the way you’ve been treated over here or over there. You will not be treated like that here.”- Sting said.

With this move, Khan showed that he really knows how to make good decisions.

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