Bill Goldberg and interesting details about his potential return

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Goldberg spoke about his future plans and whether he is ready to do another match.

by Sead Dedovic
Bill Goldberg and interesting details about his potential return
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Bill Goldberg has always been an interesting figure in the wrestling scene, and the fact that we haven't seen him for two years is why many have longed to see this great wrestler again. The last time Goldberg appeared in WWE was in 2022 when Roman Reigns managed to defeat him. His plans have become an enigma for many fans, although the 57-year-old has admitted that he plans to do a four-city tour. 

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Goldberg spoke about his future plans and whether he is ready to do another match. As someone who has always been passionate about wrestling, Goldberg has no doubt that he would like to do another match. Goldberg confirmed that he has injury issues that he will need to work on and revealed how the injury occurred.

“Oh, man, I’d love to—100%. I have to get my torn rotator cuff taken care of finally because, yeah, we all live with these injuries, dude, right? And I’ll come out and say it when I came back with Brock [Lesnar], and nobody ever knew this. I came back with Brock that first night, and in Denver, I blew my rotator cuff completely. And I never told anybody about it. And I kept working through it. And you know, because you have this sparing…your work sparingly once or twice a year, right? So I can crescendo and get as strong as I can.“- Goldberg said, as quoted by PwMania.

Goldberg admitted that he has no intention of performing until he resolves his issues, but he is currently optimistic. Goldberg now needs to see if he requires surgery and emphasized that he is ready for another match. Although he admitted to having had a conversation with McMahon, who promised him that he would perform, much has changed since then. We will see what the future holds for Goldberg and whether he will indeed step into the ring again. It is necessary for him to resolve some details and focus on what lies ahead. There is no doubt that the fans will get what they need.

“I ain’t doing * till I get that done, then that’s hopefully coming up. You know, I’m doing stem cells here soon, and then I’m going to see if surgeries needed. But yeah, man, I’d love to have one more match. You know how it is. Vince [McMahon] and I spoke about it, and he gave me his word. But all that stuff happened, and, hey, man, I don’t hold grudges. Vince gave me so many opportunities, man. I’ll be forever grateful. But yeah, I would absolutely love to have that final match. I would. Am I good not having it? Yeah, I’m fine with it. But it’d be neat to have one.”- Goldberg continued.

Bill Goldberg
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When asked if his wrestling career should continue with WWE or another promotion like AEW, Goldberg expressed his willingness to promote his events. He explained that he doesn't need to rely on any organization and could manage the promotion independently. Goldberg mentioned that he could host events overseas in places like Israel, India, or Japan, and possibly even in the United States. He shared that he has contemplated various options for his wrestling future.

Bill Goldberg talks about his private life

Goldberg also reflected on his personal life, specifically how he has dedicated the past 18 years to supporting his son. This commitment has influenced his physical condition, including his weight loss. He recounted how he would often prioritize his son's needs, even at meals, where he would give the majority of food to his son. Goldberg emphasized that his decisions and lifestyle have been shaped by his goal of preparing his son for the next phase of his life.

Considering his son has left, Goldberg has now dedicated time to himself, training and eating properly again. He admitted that his main focus is now on himself, doing things he last did years ago. Goldberg is someone who is still passionate about wrestling, the big stage, and everything that comes with this sport. When you've been in one regime for years and then have to turn a new page in life, such moments can be difficult. However, Goldberg, despite being 57 years old, is ready to dedicate his time to a strict regime and return to the ring. He concluded his explanation with the sentence: "We'd never retire... Until you're dead."

Fans, especially the older ones, know well what Goldberg has done and the great matches he has had in the past. His return could bring a lot to a company like WWE, and the older fans would certainly be thrilled with the comeback of such a legend.

Bill Goldberg