Drew McIntyre Discusses CM Punk's Provocative Approach in Promo Clash

CM Punk is someone who always wanted to provoke a reaction from another.

by Sead Dedovic
Drew McIntyre Discusses CM Punk's Provocative Approach in Promo Clash
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CM Punk and Drew McIntyre had an interesting situation during an episode of WWE RAW. Specifically, CM Punk, known for provoking reactions and getting his opponents to 'lose it', targeted McIntyre a month ago. CM Punk wanted McIntyre to say Vince McMahon's name after asking him who 'appointed McIntyre as the chosen one' in WWE. 

McMahon, the former WWE boss, had addressed McIntyre as 'the chosen one' many years ago. During the promo, CM Punk tried to provoke McIntyre, who managed to stay calm throughout.

“Chosen one? Who chose you? Who? What was his name, huh? You got the * to say you’re the chosen one? Tell me, what paragon of good virtue chose you? It wasn’t the people in Chicago.”- CM Punk said then.

In an interview with The UK Metro, McIntyre reflected on Punk's words. McIntyre admitted that during those moments, he had many thoughts racing through his mind, ready to react both then and now. However, he believes that sometimes it's better to stay silent and preserve not only his own reputation but also the company's. This great wrestler raises the question of what his specific reaction would have actually brought to the company and to him as an individual. He feels that he made the right move by not reacting and deciding to remain silent about everything. McIntyre acknowledged that his actual reaction could have flooded the internet and made headlines, but it would certainly have had a negative impact on the company, and potentially on him as well.

“What was going through my mind was I could respond right now, and would it be a good look for our company? And I have to make a decision because we’re going O.K. Corral-style, unloading rounds on each other. I did what I thought was right for not just the company, but for our roster, and held my tongue on that night. I had a couple of things in mind that would have melted the internet, but potentially hurt us in different ways.”- Drew McInytre said.

Drew McIntyre explained that if you were to witness him shifting from his usual composed behavior, using strong language and making comments that could potentially harm himself, the company, or the roster, it would indicate that he had lost control of the situation. He emphasized the importance of professionalism and competency in his line of work. McIntyre suggested that while conflicts like the one with CM Punk may add intrigue due to personal animosity, maintaining professionalism is crucial to avoid negative consequences for everyone involved.

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From the beginning of his career, McIntyre has strived to be someone who primarily respects the company and its leaders before putting himself in the spotlight. This approach is likely one of the reasons why he has become a major star and a figure spoken of in glowing terms. Drew is known for consistently delivering amazing performances over the years, earning massive trust from executives regarding him and his career.

Drew McIntyre on whether he shares similarities with CM Punk

McIntyre reacted to a reporter's question in an interview about whether he and CM Punk share similarities. Drew has no doubt that they are completely different personalities, emphasizing that perhaps in the past the situation was quite different. McIntyre points out that CM Punk is someone who puts an accent on his character and has become well-known for it. CM Punk has shown himself to be someone who doesn't care much about others' reactions or criticism that might follow his statements. It seems that recently, CM Punk has somewhat changed his attitude.

“No, absolutely not. I believe that maybe now I have some similarities to Punk in the past and not the terrible similarities that include a genuine and horrible person, and I believe he still is just very good at putting on an act. But he was anti-establishment. He did speak his mind, even if people didn’t always agree with him or believe him. It was his truth, and he always marched to the beat of his own drum and spoken the truth, even if he meant to be a * because he was, but now that’s not the case.“- McIntyre said.

Drew McIntyre criticized CM Punk for being a corporate supporter who constantly aims to please management, open to their needs, and ensure he justifies his large contract. McIntyre contrasted himself by emphasizing his commitment to authenticity, asserting his independence, and making decisions that align with what he believes is right, not just for himself but also for the company. McIntyre suggested that CM Punk may dislike him for displaying qualities similar to what CM Punk once represented, but with his own unique approach and principles.

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