Adam Copeland Shares Insights on Surgery and Recovery After Wrestling Injury

“You’re welcome for my stupidity.“- Copeland said.

by Sead Dedovic
Adam Copeland Shares Insights on Surgery and Recovery After Wrestling Injury
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Adam Copeland spoke on Busted Open Radio about his leg fracture at the Double or Nothing PPV in 2024. He believes he made a huge mistake, as he overestimated his capabilities, especially considering his age. Known as a wrestler who always put fans first, wanting to give them the best of himself, Copeland described how his landing looked, not feeling significant pain initially.

As time passed, he realized the severity of the injury. The pain intensified, and it became clear that he had suffered a serious fracture. Initially thinking he had just landed wrong, he knew something was amiss when he tried to stand up. He was taken to the hospital immediately, where doctors confirmed the fracture was severe.

“You’re welcome for my stupidity [laughs] It was less a leap and more a fall [laughs]. It’s part of the albatross of the pro wrestler, and you go, ‘No, I got this.’ Your brain tells you, ‘Yeah, got it, no problem. Sure, 15 feet? Yeah.’ Then, once I land, and I go, ‘Oh, but I’m 50. Huh.’ [Laughs] The good thing was, I landed and truly, I was, ‘Okay, it’s not my Achilles because it was the same leg that I tore my Achilles on. I was like, ‘Well, Achilles held. That’s cool. Maybe it’s an ankle sprain, maybe it’s a bone bruise.’ It felt like ankle and tibia or fibia jammed. I got up, finished the match, and I felt a little click. I was like, ‘Okay, I got this.’ Finish the match, get to the back. I was like, ‘Huh. Interesting.’ I started moving it, playing with it. I was like, ‘It doesn’t hurt that much.’- Copeland said, as quoted by Pw Mania.

Adam Copeland
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Adam Copeland recalled how he walked straight into the emergency room after leaving the building. There, they told him to get off his foot immediately, revealing the severity of his injury. He realized then that he had a broken leg, something he hadn't fully grasped before. This, he believes, is part of the pro wrestler's burden – always wanting to give fans a great show, even though he now thinks he could have achieved the same effect with a less risky move from the top rope. 

He learned a lesson, but he is proud that he managed to finish the match. It was crucial to complete it due to the planned events involving Gangrel and others. Through this ordeal, he hopes to remind fans of what House of Black brings to the table, stressing their impressive presentation. So, despite the setback, a few goals were accomplished.

Copeland continued the conversation by highlighting that he had surgery on Monday, and most importantly, it was successful. Things weren't easy for the doctors, given the location of the fracture.

“I had the surgery on Monday, and it was a success. I guess it got a little complicated just because of where the break is. It’s kind of right above the ankle joint, which is called a peon fracture, apparently. So the cartilage between your ankle and your Tobia and Fiibia got squished, and then the break.“- he continued.

Copeland mentioned that there were fragments of the bone, so the doctors had to piece everything together using a plate and screws. He hasn't looked at the X-ray and doesn't plan to, as he doesn't find it helpful. During his recovery, he discovered how useful DoorDash is, although he needed Beth to show him how to use it. He has been spending his time reading a lot and playing a lot of Dr. Mario.

Adam Copeland

Copeland has proven to be a warrior many times on the wrestling scene. He has had similar moments in his career before but has always managed to come back stronger, demonstrating that his love for wrestling is stronger than anything else. These situations are the best indicators of his readiness to show his qualities. Wrestling is such a sport that, at times, these situations are inevitable, but hopefully, Copeland will recover soon and return to the ring.

His determination and resilience have earned him the respect and admiration of fans. Each setback has only fed his drive to push his limits further, and this injury is no different. 

As he focuses on his recovery, Copeland is already planning his comeback. He knows that the road to recovery will be challenging, but he is prepared to put in the hard work needed to regain his strength and agility. His fans eagerly await his return, confident that he will once again rise to the occasion and deliver amazing performances.