Roman Reigns reacts to Randy Orton's mask

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Roman Reigns reacts to Randy Orton's mask

As we all know, Randy Orton wore a mask in the last episode of Raw, used to cover the burns that according to the storyline the Legend Killer would have suffered after the attack suffered by Alexa Bliss, who last week had hit him with a fire ball.

The appearance of him has made fans from all over the world discuss on the web, but also the current Universal champion, Roman Reigns, wanted to express his thoughts about it, commenting right below the WWE Instagram post that portrayed the athlete currently disfigured.

The Tribal Chief could not help but comment and did so in a very concise way, through the use of an amused emoji, which indicates how much this look is not taken very seriously by the former Big Dog of the Shield , who therefore carries on his aura of "bad" even on social media, relying on the vast user base that the WWE Instagram profile can boast.

You can view the post in question here:

Randy Orton and Roman Reigns could have challenged each other

According to reports from, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns could have had a match in 2020, a very special year for all of us and for the WWE, which had to reach out, just like all of us, trying to bring something particular desolately empty arenas.

The two athletes were the respective champions of the main brands of the Stamford federation and initially the plans were for a match between these two in that of the Survivor Series, after the Legend Killer himself had beaten the Scottish McIntyre in Hell In A Cell, but this meeting was shelved when the same Scottish cuirassier managed to win the WWE Championship again in an episode of Raw, after just twenty-two days.

And you, would you have liked to see this match between these two athletes or did you prefer the choice that was actually taken by Vince McMahon's company? Please let us know with a comment, also expressing which stipulation you think would be suitable for a meeting between these two.

The last episode of Monday Night Raw told of an ending that has caused much discussion on social networks and in wrestling salons around the world. In fact, Alexa Bliss hit Randy Orton with a fireball and WWE has released a statement about the condition of the Legend Killer, which according to a storyline update would have suffered minor burns following the attack of Alexa Bliss. The federation also added that in the next episode other news regarding the conditions of Randy Orton will be announced.