Mark Henry Surprises with Story on Vince McMahon's Respect for The Undertaker

Due to his experience and qualities, The Undertaker had enormous respect from everyone, including McMahon

by Sead Dedovic
Mark Henry Surprises with Story on Vince McMahon's Respect for The Undertaker
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Mark Henry discussed interesting topics in an interview for the Six Feet Under podcast, one of which was how the former wrestler The Undertaker was respected by important figures in WWE, specifically Vince McMahon. The Undertaker is a man with vast experience in the company and over the years has gained the status of one of the best wrestlers within the company. 

Henry believes that it is necessary to have a boss to manage. However, The Undertaker was indeed intelligent and excellent in his job, to the point that McMahon would sometimes pose questions to The Undertaker, presumably contemplating some plans within the company.

“I always equate it to like the mob, and the mob always has the boss. You can’t do nothing without the boss’s permission, and everybody thought that was Vince [McMahon] but it wasn’t, it was him [Undertaker]. I remember how many times I saw Vince pull him [Undertaker] and ask him questions rather than it be the other way around.”- Henry said, as quoted by Pw Mania.

Mark Henry
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Mark Henry discussed how The Undertaker would offer advice to wrestlers regarding their contracts. Some wrestlers were considering leaving WWF (now WWE) for WCW, tempted by higher pay. However, The Undertaker, being familiar with Vince McMahon's plans, would caution them against it, suggesting that staying with WWF was the better choice.

Mark Henry on his AEW contract

Busted Open Radio was an opportunity for Mark Henry to reflect on his career, and five days ago, during one of the episodes, he talked about his contract with AEW. Henry highlighted that his contract with AEW expires on the 28th. He expressed happiness for this amazing chapter in his career and gratitude for the opportunity given to him by AEW boss Tony Khan

Despite often being a controversial figure and the subject of various speculations, Tony has proven to be a much better leader than some expected. As an experienced wrestler, Henry has noticed many positive qualities in Khan. However, Henry has some entirely different plans at this moment, intending to build his brand and focus on other steps. He is grateful to AEW for the opportunity and confirmed that the decision was mutual.

“My impending contract status has reached an end. My contract with AEW is set to expire tomorrow, the 28th. I wanted to address that matter. Tony Khan said at the press conference that he was very happy and proud of what we did together and I feel the exact same way. I appreciate everything that happened at AEW with Tony khan and the khan family. I had a great experience and I do feel like it’s time for me to take more time to handle and the Remarkable brand and focus that attention on what my next steps are, and I’m not going to be renewing my deal. It’s a mutual thing.”- Henry said.

Tony Khan
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Henry's statement reflects a commitment to integrity and a sense of responsibility. He emphasizes the importance of giving his all and maintaining positivity in his professional relationships. Although he acknowledges unfinished business, he reassures that he remains accessible for assistance and support. While he's stepping away from active wrestling involvement for now to focus on other projects, he makes it clear that wrestling remains a part of his future plans, and he intends to return with restored dedication and passion when the time is right.

Mark Henry: I’d like to see Cody Rhodes come out there with the clothes that you wear when you don’t want to get arrested

Henry went on to explain that he would like to see Rhodes in special attire on RAW, in a way that would instill fear in his opponents. It seems that Henry doesn't hold particular sympathies towards The Rock and Roman Reigns.

“I’d like to see Cody come out there with the clothes that you wear when you don’t want to get arrested. Like, the combat boots, kind of more like a Shield-esque outfit with a ball-peen hammer and a baseball bat, looking to cause bodily harm to The Rock and to Roman Reigns.”- Henry said.

Henry put an accent on the mindset he anticipated for Rhodes, suggesting that Rhodes should adopt a fierce and revenge-driven attitude. He painted a picture of Rhodes confronting Roman Reigns with a sense of revenge, comparing Reigns' actions to those of The Rock. 

Henry emphasized the intensity of Rhodes' determination, indicating that Rhodes should be relentless in his goal of retribution. This description highlights the level of focus and determination Henry believes Rhodes should possess in order to confront his enemies effectively.

We'll see if Rhodes will heed such advice and implement any of the mentioned strategies in his future career.

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