Jim Ross: "We never had Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold because ..."

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Jim Ross: "We never had Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold because ..."

One of the dream matches missing from WWE history is the one that could have seen in a McMahon company ring, the Federation's Immortal, Hulk Hogan, colliding with the historic face of the Attitude Era, Stone Cold Steve Austin, with the two athletes who have had dozens and dozens of feuds with the greatest athletes in the history of pro-wrestling, but have never clashed with each other on any ring in the world.

Although in the height of Steve Austin's career, Hulk Hogan was a wrestler for WCW contender, in 2002 the two returned to work for WWE anyway, with a match between the two historic and legendary athletes that had even been remotely discussed by the creative.

team, but which ultimately never became a reality at any federation event.

Why has the WWE never staged a Hulk Hogan vs Steve Austin?

In the latest installment of his Grilling JR, the historic WWE Hall of Famer, as well as current voice of the AEW commentary table, Jim Ross, tried to explain what was the biggest impediment that did not allow Hogan and Austin to clashing in the WWE rings, with The Voice saying: "I think the biggest problem for Austin was his intense, aggressive and somehow unsafe, very high pace.

This probably wouldn't have gone well with Hogan's style at the time, due to the condition of his back. But the match would certainly have been a huge attraction. It would have been a huge poster. They were going to put up some great promos.

It would have brought interest, it would have brought money, but I don't think the match would ever have been up to the two big stars they were." We also remember that in one of his last interviews in 2019, Steve Austin was instead sure of the opposite, which is that with Hulk Hogan he could have done really great things, as he said in one of his episodes of the Steve Austin Show: "I think if we had the chance to be alone in a room, having a healthy conversation, we probably would have come up with some deals and deals.

This will probably be one of the biggest regrets of my entire career." We have to recall that the story of Hulk Hogan's life will be at the center of an upcoming biopic on Netflix, a biopic in which the big star of WWF, WCW and WWE will be played by Chris Hemsworth.

The actor known for the famous cinematographic transpositions of Thor and James Hunt has decided to face the new challenge in the best way, developing his muscle tone in an almost incredible way to play The Hulkster. Enough to even attract the attention of Hogan himself, that he decided to comment on the muscles that Hemsworth built step by step in the gym in order to interpret him.

During an interview with ESPN, in fact, Hulk Hogan revealed that he had confronted the man who will play him in the film. He spoke to Chris Hemsworth on the phone when he decided to take the job. Hemsworth has also revealed that he also wants to be as close as possible to Hogan, in order to represent him in the most faithful way possible and corresponding to reality.