Cody Rhodes on Career Support: I Made a Promise When I Was Eight Years Old

"You have your life's work kind of come together in a matter of three seconds."

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes on Career Support: I Made a Promise When I Was Eight Years Old
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WWE star Cody Rhodes, in an interview for 'The Babyfaces Podcast,' reflected on his journey in WWE so far, with a particular emphasis on WrestleMania 40 when he managed to defeat 'The Tribal Chief.' Rhodes highlighted the challenges of life, as well as the effort and work you must invest to become a star and achieve your goals. He believes that all the effort you've put in over the years sometimes comes down to three seconds. 

It seems he will never forget the moments at WrestleMania 40, considering it was a great night and the dreams he fulfilled that night. Additionally, he pointed out that this is perhaps the best period in this company, considering the creativity, imagination, and the large number of talented wrestlers within the company.

"You have your life's work kind of come together in a matter of three seconds even though it takes years and years and there's a promise I made when I was eight years old. But I was surrounded by just such wonderful people and Wrestlemania 40, I think, is just going to age like wine, in a sense of what we all did that night and it was very prominent that here, this most successful period that WWE has ever had, it's not just one person. I know Mr. Heyman would like to give Roman all the credit, I get it, but it's not just one person."- Cody Rhodes said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

AEW star, Shawn Spears, has been a key factor in Cody Rhodes' success. Although many may not realize Spears' importance to Rhodes, he has revealed how crucial Shawn has been to him throughout his entire career.

Rhodes expressed regret for not having Spears in the ring with him after WrestleMania, recognizing Spears' significance. He emphasized that Spears' influence has been instrumental in his career, acknowledging him as a blessing to the wrestling industry. Rhodes expressed appreciation for Spears' presence in NXT, indicating the impact he continues to make in the business.

Cody Rhodes is grateful to AEW for the opportunity he was given: Names important to his success

Although he is now part of WWE and has achieved great success, Rhodes still nostalgically remembers AEW, the company that helped him become the star he is today. The greatness of a wrestler is precisely shown through gratitude towards all those who were important components in his journey to stardom. During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Rhodes mentioned the significant names in this company who had been of great help to him. Although AEW and WWE aren't particularly fond of each other, Rhodes seems to refrain from going into the depths of such relationships, thanking AEW for everything while respecting WWE and the opportunity he received.

Some of the names that were important for his success are Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, Tony Khan, Kenny Omega, and others. It seems that he has a great relationship with all of them, considering they were significant figures on his journey.

 “I think I’ll always have an eye on it because it’s just not something you can abandon in your mind in a sense that me, Matt (Jackson), Nick (Jackson), Kenny (Omega), Tony (Khan), Brandi (Rhodes), Bernie (Cahill), Chris (Harrington), and Dana (Massie) started this thing. Especially if you were in those initial meetings. I’ll always have an eye for it. I could never pretend it’s not there anymore. Jacksonville is a funny place because always, when WWE comes to Jacksonville, people ask, ‘How do they respond to you here?’ I was really proud of how it was on Smackdown because that’s really what it was.”- Cody Rhodes said.

Tony Khan and Kenny Omega
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During his time in the company, Rhodes reflects on spending a year in Jacksonville, particularly during the pandemic. He recalls the efforts made at Daily's gym and Daily's Place on the beach to provide people with entertainment during challenging times. 

Rhodes expresses gratitude for the support received from the Jacksonville community, emphasizing that he holds no ill will towards his former company. While he continues to keep an eye on their endeavors, he is happy about the many great memories created during that period. He views his time in AEW as an important season in his life, one filled with valuable experiences and growth.

Cody Rhodes experienced his best days in AEW, demonstrating that he is truly a wrestler ready for the greatest things. Many expected his career to follow the trajectory it's on now. He is an example of a wrestler for whom giving up was never an option. He firmly believed in his talent, qualities, and ultimately achieved his goal.

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