Drew McIntyre Explains Crucial Differences Between WWE's Past and Present Regime

"You know different…different people in charge, different philosophies and more long term thinking."

by Sead Dedovic
Drew McIntyre Explains Crucial Differences Between WWE's Past and Present Regime
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Drew McIntyre, a wrestling scene star, spoke on interesting topics in an interview with PWInsider. After the new management arrived at WWE, reactions were mixed. On one hand, there were those fierce Vince McMahon fans, who have an old-school mentality. On the other hand, some wanted changes, believing that the new company leaders could offer something fresh and through innovations influence the company's progress. 

McIntyre, a man who has marked an era in WWE, decided to share his opinion on such changes. He emphasized that changes often prove beneficial, considering different philosophies. He focused not only on the era after McMahon but also on the era when he became a wrestler. This popular wrestler points out that during that period, he faced numerous challenges, but despite everything, he remained focused on his task.

“I think it helps in a few ways. You know different…different people in charge, different philosophies and more long term thinking. Obviously, the way it was, was very successful and brought WWE and wrestling as we know it to where it was at the time and afforded me the opportunity to be a top level superstar, the top level superstar, the guy through the pandemic, and show, you know, what I could do, but knew there was still more to give. In my personal journey, also has a lot of ups and downs, a few frustrations, a few things I didn’t understand creatively, during the past few years. "- Drew McIntyre said.

Drew McIntyre
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He emphasized the importance of perseverance and self-belief in navigating these challenges. McIntyre highlighted the shift towards storytelling and long-term character development in the current WWE world, contrasting it with the previous focus on weekly changes and simplistic character dynamics. 

Such changes surprised fans, but they seem to have mostly elicited positive reactions. These changes were necessary for WWE and could open a new chapter for the company. McIntyre was a crucial part of the story, considering that the company's leaders had immense trust in him. If you place trust in someone like McIntyre, you can be sure he will reciprocate in the right way.

He stressed the importance of collaboration and long-term planning in crafting layered character arcs, drawing parallels to his experiences outside of WWE where he had more creative control. McIntyre expressed his satisfaction with WWE's approach to character depth and storytelling, citing examples like the Bloodline storyline as evidence of the potential for in-depth storytelling within the company's framework. 

This amazing wrestler concluded by emphasizing the importance of investing fans in characters and storylines to create a compelling viewing experience. 

Stirring excitement and interest among fans is the primary goal. WWE executives have succeeded in doing so. Not only that, but it seems that interest in this company and their matches has never been greater than it is now. This is an indicator that every company, in this case, a sports one, requires changes and innovations. It's a way to ignite passion for wrestling among fans.

Drew McIntyre: Under the old regime, I went directly to the boss if things didn't suit me

McIntyre also reflected on the change in his character, drawing parallels between the old regime and the new. Drew admitted that under the old regime, he always reacted if he felt certain things didn't align with his character. While some may have had a degree of fear about approaching company executives, McIntyre wasn't one of them. He understood that the best way for his progress, and also for the company's progress, was to honestly voice his concerns and advocate for change when necessary. Fortunately for him, WWE executives were understanding.

“In the old regime as well, for me personally, I can’t speak for everybody, I would go straight to the boss himself. And I would give my opinion if I didn’t like something. I mean, how’s it going to change? If you really don’t believe, if you don’t go to the man himself, and most people would complain about it, then just do it anyway, without going in and having a conversation. I would always have the conversation and honestly 70% of the time, 80% of the time, it would change because I believe this was not right for me and I earned that trust."- he continued.

He admitted that at times, he had to agree to changes that didn't align with his vision, but he embraced it and was ready for the new challenge. McIntyre believes he knows his character best and is someone who can determine whether certain things will resonate with fans and the audience. McIntyre acknowledged that Triple H is open-minded, likely because he himself has been through similar experiences. Many share the same opinion as Drew, believing that Triple H has revitalized the company.

Triple H
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