Rey Mysterio on Advice for Dominik and How Eddie Guerrero Would React to Dominik

Rey believes that Eddie would be thrilled to see Dominik's progress

by Sead Dedovic
Rey Mysterio on Advice for Dominik and How Eddie Guerrero Would React to Dominik
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Rey Mysterio, in an interview with CBS Sports, reflected on various topics within the wrestling scene. One of the topics discussed was the stretcher spot with Big Show at Backlash 2003. Mysterio explained how the plan looked from a different perspective, with a particular emphasis on ensuring that no accidents or injuries occurred. However, Rey Mysterio wasn't prepared for what happened next. At one point, he took the first hit, which caused him considerable pain.

“I remember we had gone over it and that was the plan. When I was strapped onto the stretcher, everything seemed cool. I said ‘How much can it hurt? The stretcher is hitting first and I’m attached to it, so I won’t feel it.’ Well, we never thought about what happens when you hit. Because of the weight, there was no way Big Show could hit the pole and hold onto me. So that whole weight and the momentum, as soon as we hit, I went straight down. As I was strapped onto the stretcher, my head went ‘boop’ and I hit first. That hurt. That in itself hurt very much.”- he said, as quoted by PwMania.

Rey Mysterio reflected on what Eddie Guerrero would think about Dominik Mysterio's journey in wrestling. He humorously mentioned how he jokingly asked his wife if she had cheated on him with Eddie because of Dominik's resemblance to Eddie's character. Rey believes that Eddie would be thrilled to see Dominik's progress and feels that Eddie has been supporting Dominik from the start. 

Eddie Guerrero
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Seeing glimpses of Eddie's characteristics in Dominik's development fills Rey with pride and sentimentality. Although he acknowledges that Dominik's work is incomparable to Eddie's, Rey finds little similarities, like the mullet, that remind him of Eddie. Overall, Rey feels a deep sense of pride seeing Dominik's growth and reminiscing about his moments with Eddie.

Rey Mysterio gave advice to his son about critics

Rey Mysterio discussed how he advised his son, Dominik, regarding the early critics of his wrestling career. He emphasized the importance of staying focused on his own path and goals, regardless of comparisons to Rey or any negativity. Rey and Dominik's trainer, Lance Storm, both advised him to let criticism roll off his back and stay true to himself. Rey encouraged Dominik to keep pushing forward and doing what he believed was right. 

Being the son of a popular wrestler is sometimes not an easy thing and carries a huge pressure with it. However, Dominik has shown that he knows how to handle such pressure, ready to give his best despite criticisms and various reactions. He has realized that this is the only path to success and progress.

Rey Mysterio on Dominik Mysterio and the Judgment Day

Once Dominik joined the Judgement Day, Rey stepped back, allowing his son to find his own way without interference. He believed this was the best approach, as it allowed Dominik to learn and grow independently. Rey trusted that Dominik would navigate his career with the guidance of supportive peers such as Finn, Damian, the Usos, Roman, and Edge, who offered valuable advice. Finally, Dominik learned to determine which advice to heed and how to ignore negativity, which contributed to his growth in the wrestling world.

Being a wrestler has always been challenging, especially when it comes to audience reactions. The advent of social media has taken things to an even higher level. There are many who harshly criticize and write offensive comments. This can be particularly tough for young wrestlers who are just building their careers. However, it is necessary in such moments to ignore these things, focus on yourself, and believe. Although it can be difficult, especially for younger wrestlers, it is the only way to improve as a person and wrestler.

Rey Mysterio has admitted that it would be a great scenario if Dominik were the one to retire him. Mysterio is ready to put his mask on the line in a match against Dominik Mysterio. Additionally, this experienced wrestler has a few other names in mind who could do a similar thing, considering Santos Escobar as a great option. However, we will see what happens and what Mysterio ultimately chooses.

“Obviously, the perfect scenario is that Dom would be the right person. And not necessarily to retire me but put what matters most to be on the line and that’s my mask. It’s something I’d be willing to do. If I had to pick another opponent, I truly believe that because we tapped into our roots, Santos Escobar is someone I would most definitely like to face.”- Rey Mysterio concluded.