Liv Morgan Opens Up About Her Relationship Status and Dating Journey

"[Is it hard to date?] Yeah. Yeah, but I feel like also it’s like what are your priorities."

by Sead Dedovic
Liv Morgan Opens Up About Her Relationship Status and Dating Journey
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During an interview for Open Thoughts, Liv Morgan discussed various topics, including her wrestling career and life outside of wrestling, a topic that notably interested fans of this wrestler and WWE in general. Morgan received an interesting question related to her relationship status and dating life. Morgan immediately admitted that it's hard to date in today's world. She emphasized that her intentions are not to enter into a relationship at this time, considering that she is focused on some entirely different things. Morgan wants to use this time for other pursuits.

“[Is it hard to date?] Yeah. Yeah, but I feel like also it’s like what are your priorities. Like, right now, like, my priorities are not to date. It’s like to be the best that I can be. And I know, like, I’m a little bit selfish with my time right now. Like, I don’t really wanna give you my time and take away from me trying to be great."- Morgan said as quoted by PwMania.

The popular wrestler emphasizes that there are many good and quality men today, but she still wants the man who will sweep her off her feet and who will give his all to win her over. Although she states that her intentions are not to enter into a relationship, her statements suggest that if the right person comes along, ready to give her attention and effort, she won't hesitate to enter into a relationship. At the moment, Morgan is working hard, has interesting plans, and we'll see what life has in store for her.

"[Have you met a good man?] Yeah, there’s a lot of good men. [Do you give some people like chances, like, let me see?] If you really blow me away. Like, if I’m blown away then it’s like: ‘Maybe I will, you know, put effort into this.’ But, like, other than that, it’s mostly like I’m just about my work and I just, I’m trying to be great.”- Morgan continued.

Liv Morgan
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In one part of the interview, she admitted that she intends to become an actor, considering it her long-standing dream. Morgan mentioned that she has been fortunate enough to work on projects outside of WWE in TV and film, indicating that transitioning into acting could be her next step.  Many of her colleagues have also embarked on similar paths and shown that they excel in other fields besides wrestling. Liv Morgan certainly possesses the talent to build a career in the film industry, and we will see if she succeeds in doing so.

She sees this as a way to leverage her platform while she's still with WWE, ensuring she has opportunities lined up for the future. While it's something she's actively seeking, Morgan remains open to see where her path takes her.

Open Thoughts wouldn't be what it is without some slightly "ticklish" topics.

Liv Morgan: I have never farted during a match

Liv Morgan was asked if she had ever experienced farting during a WWE match. Liv responded that she hadn't, but then she mentioned her former tag team partner, Sarah "Valhalla" Logan. Liv explained that while she herself didn't fart in the ring, Sarah would frequently do so during their matches as part of their tag team, the Riott Squad. 

Liv described the experience as unpleasant but emphasized the need to ignore it and keep focused on the match. She also mentioned that being farted on or experiencing other bodily functions is not uncommon in the wrestling ring.

Liv Morgan has gained immense popularity over the years, especially considering that this year marks 10 years since she became part of the WWE scene. Her talent was recognized early on in a gym, and shortly after, she had her first TV appearance in early 2015. In 2017, Morgan made her main roster debut alongside Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. 

Throughout her performances, she became known for her distinctive character and behavior, and fans could recognize her talent. Morgan is an example of a true professional who always gave her best, despite any obstacles she faced.

Liv Morgan has shown time and time again that her goal is not just to focus on the wrestling scene but to try her hand at all aspects of life, aware that she possesses massive talent for several things. Morgan is an adventurer and someone who always wants to try new things. She has proven to herself that she can make a great career in WWE, and it seems that her intentions are to show herself that she can achieve great things in the acting career as well. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for her and whether this 29-year-old has any other plans for herself.