WWE Star Drew McIntyre Shares Insight Into Contract Renewal Decision

“It was never a consideration. I’m wrestling with WWE."

by Sead Dedovic
WWE Star Drew McIntyre Shares Insight Into Contract Renewal Decision
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Drew McIntyre, after a lot of speculation about his future, has decided to re-sign with WWE. This amazing wrestler spoke to the media about his career, challenges, and early stages of his career. The 38-year-old Scot admitted that leaving his family wasn't easy, even though his dream since childhood was to sign with WWE and become a respected wrestler. 

From a young age, he worked hard, dedicated himself, and never doubted that he would become someone who would end up on the big stage. However, hard work, effort, and courage led him to the very top.

Most wrestlers today dreamed of becoming part of WWE as children, watching matches in this prestigious company. However, only a few ultimately succeeded. McIntyre set a clear goal for himself: "I want to become the first Scot to be part of WWE," and he pursued that goal. After achieving it, it wasn't easy to leave his parents and family. However, they were his biggest support.

“It’s the hardest thing that I’ve had to do. This was always the dream since I was a kid and making it to WWE. Honestly, I never truly considered ‘Oh yeah you have to move to America’ until I got signed.” McIntyre added, “I did all the work, I had the self-belief [thinking] I’m going to be the first ever Scottish person signed directly from Scottland through WWE. I finally did it and I had the contract in my hand and I went wait, I have to move to America. Taking that to account. I’m so close with my family, I’m so close with my mother. It was very hard to be away but they were so encouraging and kept pushing me forward to keep chasing the dream and when you’re young you can put yourself in that mode of just work work work. "- McIntyre said, as quoted by PwMania!

McIntyre reflected on his younger years, recalling a time filled with hard work and indulgence without much thought about the passage of time. However, as he matured, he began to prioritize family and his roots, especially as he witnessed his parents aging and his brother starting a family. This led him to a realization: he wanted to pursue his dreams while also being present for his loved ones. With the support of individuals like Nick Khan, Triple H, and WWE, McIntyre found a balance that allows him to contribute to both his career and his family life simultaneously.

Drew McIntyre: It was never a consideration. I’m wrestling with WWE

Reporters were curious if McIntyre had decided to leave WWE to pursue other endeavors in his career. The Scotsman confirmed that he never had many doubts about his future, emphasizing his readiness to remain a part of WWE. It's a company he dreamed of being a part of since childhood, and at this moment, he doesn't see himself in any other environment. He also reflected on the death of his wife's sister.

“It was never a consideration. I’m wrestling with WWE. I don’t think in the sense am I gonna go wrestle somewhere else, this is where I want to wrestle. I don’t want to be anywhere else but our family has gone through a lot over the past year. Things in my own family and my wife’s sister unfortunately passed a year ago yesterday."

Drew McIntyre
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Drew McIntyre on challenges in his life

The 38-year-old wrestler emphasizes that he has faced many challenges in life, and this one was among the toughest. He is aware that he now needs to dedicate his time to his family, as he has highlighted many times before. McIntyre admitted to having some doubts about his future, but he recognizes that WWE is a company that has given him a lot, considering WWE as a great family. 

After discussions and analyzing the entire situation, including his and the company's plans, they made the best decision for everyone. McIntyre hasn't forgotten to thank WWE for their support and the opportunity they have given him. He wants to repay that in the best possible way.

Let's recall, McIntyre signed with WWE way back in 2007, and he made his debut in October 2007 in one of the episodes of SmackDown. Even then, it was evident what kind of talent he was, and that he would become a wrestler many would respect and look up to. From the very beginning, he proved to be a great villainous character, attracting attention right away.

With each passing year, he only got better and better, showing significant progress. Fans are looking forward to his future and new challenges.

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