Cody Rhodes reveals what The Rock gifted him

Cody Rhodes decided to reveal something that many fans wanted to know.

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes reveals what The Rock gifted him
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Cody Rhodes spoke about interesting topics during Busted Open Radio, and one of the topics was what The Rock put in his hand after WrestleMania. One of those who also asked the same question was Mark Henry. Rhodes revealed in the interview that he had a positive gesture directed towards The Rock, but evidently, this brilliant wrestler misunderstood his gesture.

The Rock believed that Rhodes intended to provoke him and decided to return the olive branch. However, Rhodes is aware that the wrestling scene is ruthless, and sometimes it's difficult to overlook certain things. 

Nevertheless, Rhodes still intends to stay at the top of the wrestling scene, fight for his place under the stars, and remain the wrestler he is today. 

This case is very interesting, considering that such a gesture is not uncommon in the world of wrestling. Many wrestlers have attempted similar things in a similar way, but the reactions have not always been the same.

“It wasn’t a dollar. It was certainly more expensive than that. I tried to make a positive overture, an olive branch to The Rock and the Seven Bucks team because I have an immense respect for what they’ve done. They set the table so that I can eat at it. He did not feel that that was a positive overture and handed it back to me. That’s the best I can give you Bully but I was pretty heart-stricken over the fact that it came back but if anything, like Triple H told me, it’s not fun and games for these guys. They’re coming for you and you either get ready or you don’t.”- Cody Rhodes said, as quoted by Pw Mania.

The Rock
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In response to Bully's question about whether he believes The Rock will come back and if he sees parallels between his situation and "The Empire Strikes Back," Rhodes reflects on his feelings towards The Rock. He expresses a sense of disappointment and conflict, stressing that while he still admires The Rock's past persona as the "People's Champion," what has returned is a different version - what he describes as the "Final Boss." 

Rhodes mentions The Rock's use of cursing and his intense, gritty demeanor, contrasting it with the heroic figure he idolized growing up. Despite his desire for a different outcome, Rhodes acknowledges the possibility that The Rock may have changed irreversibly, leaving him resigned to the reality of their relationship.

Rhodes' honest evaluation of The Rock's current persona sparks curiosity about what lies ahead in the wrestling world. Could this clash between past admiration and present reality set the stage for an interesting storyline between Rhodes and The Rock? Or might it encourage other wrestlers to reevaluate their connections and feuds within the industry? Wrestling fans are awaiting the unfolding of this.

Cody Rhodes on the WrestleMania40 documentary

Cody Rhodes will defend his title again next week, this time against Logan Paul. On Busted Open Radio, they also discussed the option of a documentary film (WrestleMania 40), which will surely generate huge interest among fans.

This amazing wrestler confirmed that fans will be able to see his reaction when he learned about the possibility of The Rock vs. Roman Reigns match. Rhodes was evidently disappointed by such information, emphasizing that it was one of the toughest days in his career. However, on the other hand, winning the Royal Rumble somewhat changed his perspective on everything. Rhodes felt a mix of emotions during those moments.

“One thing that might be revealed in the documentary and might put things in a different perspective for people is I find out about the possibility of The Rock vs. Roman Reigns the day of the Royal Rumble and I had to leave that room head up and make sure no one knew what could possibly happen and probably one of the more difficult days I’ve ever had in the wrestling business. But also, how could you complain when you’re winning the Royal Rumble. When you’re pointing at the sign [and] over 20,000 people in Tampa. It was such a high, such a low.”- Rhodes said.

Cody Rhodes reflected on the challenges he faced leading up to WrestleMania 40, despite the excitement of winning the Royal Rumble. He mentioned that during the month before WrestleMania, he tried to create ideal conditions for himself as an athlete but encountered a lot of obstacles.

Despite all the challenges this unique wrestler has faced, he never lost faith and hope that he is ready and destined for great things. Such a mentality has driven him to the top, and he has no intention of relinquishing his place on the throne to anyone else.

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