Ricky Starks Clears Up Concerns Surrounding His Prolonged Absence

"I’m healthy, I’m great, I’m perfectly fine."- Starks said.

by Sead Dedovic
Ricky Starks Clears Up Concerns Surrounding His Prolonged Absence
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Ricky Starks addressed many uncertainties about his past and future in an interview with What Culture Wrestling. Starks particularly reflected on missing out on AEW Dynasty, discussing his chances of being part of AEW Double or Nothing. From Starks' statements, it can be felt that this great wrestler is unsure about many aspects of his future. The 34-year-old emphasized that the wrestling scene is highly unpredictable, making it difficult to create and be confident in specific plans.

“I don’t know. I would hope so. But I really don’t know. Things are…every time I always predict something to go some way, it doesn’t go that way, and it kind of just leaves me being like, well, we’ll just figure out and see. I really have no clue. It’s just a very interesting time, I feel like. I wish that I was on Dynamite, or I wish I was on Dynasty."- he said, as quoted by Pw Mania.

Starks, although eager for career challenges and ready to showcase his best, believes that it's not beneficial for him to create pressure and stress. He confirmed that he is a wrestler who always gives his maximum effort. With such a mindset, he emphasizes that other matters are in the hands of AEW executives. Starks considers the biggest lesson he has learned to be that sometimes he cannot control things.

"I wish I was on these things, but I think at a certain point, just for my own sanity, I can’t go too crazy about it because the proof is in my work and my effort that I’ve constantly given. I’ve constantly given 1000% effort. So at a certain point, it’s not in my control. I think that’s the biggest lesson I have. Things are just not in my control, but the things that are, I try the hardest.”- he continued.

Ricky Starks
Ricky Starks© Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for IMDb

Regarding his status in AEW and the absence of injury concerns, Starks clarifies that he was never injured, despite speculation following an incident on AEW Collision. He emphasizes that he was merely cautious at the time due to uncertainty about his condition, particularly concerning one side of his body. 

Starks expresses his lack of knowledge regarding the situation, as decisions about his TV appearances are beyond his control. While stressing the disappointment of not being on TV, he appreciates the support he receives online and through messages, finding it comforting and encouraging.

Starks has a huge fan base, and the fact that many are eager to see him in the ring is undeniable. When you have the necessary support from fans who recognize your effort and hard work, it's just an additional motivation for you to continue with the same mindset in the future. Starks embodies the type of person who doesn't allow anything to shake him on his journey, ready to give fans what they want.

This great wrestler acknowledges that having only six matches in 2024 is a small number compared to previous years. He emphasizes his straightforward approach, avoiding manipulation or playing games with anyone's life. Starks prefers to focus on his work ethic, believing that his dedication and performance will ultimately overcome any challenges he faces.

Ricky Starks on Media Headlines

Starks commented on the reports from PWInsider, underlining that he was in Jacksonville. Ricky noted that people immediately began creating various ideas in their heads based on his report. The 34-year-old confirmed that he was there for a check-up and nothing more. For him, the most important thing is that he is healthy and free from any injuries. At times, he feels frustrated that people jump to conclusions prematurely, and despite his denials, they continue to believe in various stories.

 “Mike [Johnson] from PWInsider, whatever, he didn’t say that I was hurt. But people alluded to, ‘Well, he was there to get cleared.’ No, bro. I was just there to get my * checked and do my physical, and that was it. That’s all I was doing. I’m healthy, I’m great, I’m perfectly fine. I shouldn’t have any type of questioning, ‘Are you really?’ *, I’m telling you I’m not hurt. I don’t know what more you want me to say.”- he concluded.

Ricky also mentioned CM Punk, a man who has marked an era in AEW. CM Punk, now a part of WWE, is always an interesting persona, about whom many have different opinions. Starks emphasized that he had great cooperation with Punk, highlighting that Punk has never done anything wrong to him. Starks points out that it's unnecessary to vilify someone who has different views and opinions than you.

He confirmed what had been said before: CM Punk has always been ready to help, and he emphasized that CM is a great man for whom he is grateful for many things.