Eric Bischoff Expects Fans to Tire of Cody Rhodes' Babyface Character

Bischoff stresses that fans are not yet completely tired of Cody Rhodes' babyface character

by Sead Dedovic
Eric Bischoff Expects Fans to Tire of Cody Rhodes' Babyface Character
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Eric Bischoff, a WWE Hall of Famer, shared his opinion on Cody Rhodes and his future during his podcast. After Rhodes became the WWE champion, rumors about his future began circulating, discussing whether or not Rhodes would be better off pursuing the title. Bischoff, as an experienced figure in the wrestling world, considers this to be a fantastic question, although he is still unsure of the answer. 

Bischoff believes that it's difficult to make a proper conclusion about a wrestler's future, considering many factors influencing the potential outcome. Eric also reflected on John Cena and his era in the wrestling world. While the WWE Hall of Famer finds Cena's era interesting, he believes it wasn't a true reflection of John Cena.

“It’s a great question. And the honest answer is I’m not sure yet. The one thing — and I noticed this a couple of weeks ago, is that Cody Rhodes is as close to that traditional ultra-babyface character that we’ve seen in a long time. Probably since John Cena, and maybe in some ways, even more so than John Cena. Because John Cena obviously, through various times throughout his career, of course he was like the — you know, he had that rapper kind of gimmick going on. And it was good and it worked; it was timely. But that didn’t really feel like the real John Cena, at least not to me personally, because I know John and I’ve worked with him.”- Bischoff said, as quoted by PwMania.

Bischoff believes that what Rhodes shows in the ring is a true indicator of him and his character. However, Eric is skeptical about the future of this wrestler, specifically his babyface character, considering that fans may potentially grow tired of it at some point. Additionally, Bischoff thinks that it would be crucial to balance things in the best way possible, so that Rhodes' character can shine at its best while also creating an entertainment factor. Such words from a wrestling legend could resonate among WWE executives, who surely have interesting plans regarding Rhodes.

“But with Cody Rhodes, what you see in the ring is not far from the real guy. And I think when you have that ‘pure as the driven snow’ babyface that Cody’s representing right now, there is a chance that some people will tire of it. And that character will need to get an edge, because if you look across the landscape of television, movie, and TV characters, especially in wrestling, they liked that babyface but with that fine line where they could cross that line and get pretty vicious. "- he continued.

Cody Rhodes
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Bischoff stresses that fans are not yet completely tired of Cody Rhodes' babyface character, emphasizing that there is still a degree of fatigue. Bischoff is familiar with Rhodes and his qualities, considering this popular wrestler is surrounded by intelligent people who can sense when changes are needed, even before the audience starts reacting. The WWE Hall of Famer hopes to see intriguing moves in the future and make changes that would likely generate even more interest in Rhodes. Many are hoping for a new version of this wrestler. Eric is someone who wants to see different versions of the popular Cody, hoping that the future brings even better stories.

Wrestling fans are also excited about the future, not knowing what awaits them. Most are hoping that Rhodes will continue to progress and provide spectacles as he has done so far. Cody has emphasized his intentions to improve WWE, as well as himself. He has confirmed that he plans to offer fans the very best of himself.

Vince Russo on Cody Rhodes' character

Vince Russo is one of those who has a different opinion when it comes to Cody Rhodes, believing that he is a heel. Russo thinks that there is nothing that is babyface about this wrestler. Vince holds a high opinion of the current champion, believing that even nicer things await him in the future.

Russo is a man with huge experience in the wrestling scene, and it is certain that he knows the situation well.

"Let me make one thing perfectly clear as a writer/producer in the wrestling business for * 30 years. Cody Rhodes is a heel. He is a bona fide heel. There's nothing babyface about Cody Rhodes. Pardon the term, Dave, but the wrestling marks, the hardcore wrestling fans, the niche market, they made a decision that Cody Rhodes is gonna be the guy. We're gonna sing along with Cody. Cody is gonna be our guy. I talk for the casual fans. [...] Cody Rhodes is a heel. And quite frankly, if he were a heel, I'd be a fan of his," he said.

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