Cody Rhodes on his success: Failure was the ultimate teacher for me

Rhodes' path to the top was full of thorns and stones

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes on his success: Failure was the ultimate teacher for me
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Cody Rhodes spoke to Twitter Marketing's Brett Weitz about various topics. One of the topics was his tough journey to the top. 

At the beginning of his career, Rhodes wasn't as well-known, and it seemed like he wouldn't fulfill his potential. 

However, this excellent wrestler firmly believed in himself and his abilities from the start of his career. Although he encountered many failures and barriers in the early stages and beyond, Rhodes managed to stay on the right path and learn from such mistakes. His career today is an example that sometimes failure can teach you the best lessons.

“I’ve taken many detours, excursions, however you want to call them in the wrestling space. Finding the best version of me as a wrestler, the best version of me as an athlete… a lot of that is trial and error and a great deal of it is failure. Failure was the ultimate teacher for me.”- Rhodes said, as quoted by Pwmania.

Rhodes emphasizes the important role of his support system in his journey to becoming the WWE Champion. He acknowledges that it's not just his individual effort that led to his success but instead the collective effort of the team around him, including his fans and friends. He attributes his championship achievement to the relentless support of his fan base, stressing their vocal presence leading up to WrestleMania as a crucial factor in his success.

Cody Rhodes is a person who has immense respect for his fans, aware that without them, reaching such heights would be difficult. Rhodes has a huge fan base that has supported him since the beginning of his career, but especially in recent times, he has gained many fans. Rhodes hopes that such support will continue in the future, hoping that he can stay on the winning path and defend his title.

Rhodes also referred to the huge fan support when it comes to The Rock. Although the reactions were mixed, for the most part, a large number of fans were on Rhodes' side, believing that he deserved the best.

“It was really never a matter of ‘we don’t like The Rock.’ It was more a matter of ‘This story needs to be finished.’”

The Rock
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Cody Rhodes on the tag team match and The Rock

Rhodes further elaborated on his view of The Rock in the Cheap Heat podcast, emphasizing the tag team match at WrestleMania 40. Rhodes couldn't hide his excitement about being in the ring with such a legend as The Rock. His intention was to show The Rock the support he has and what his name truly means in the world of wrestling. 

In addition, Rhodes wanted to demonstrate to The Rock that the industry is in good hands, by auditioning himself, Rollins, and Reigns. Rhodes's future intention is to help this company be equally successful and progressive. As a person, he is certainly one of the key players in the future, and he is expected to deliver only the best.

“The reason I was so excited to be in there with [The Rock] and for him to feel like, ‘Oh, they like this guy’ … I want him to know, hey, your industry is gonna be alright. This guy next to me, Seth [Rollins], he’s taking it to new heights. That guy next to you, Roman [Reigns], he’s gonna keep moving it to new heights. And me? Whether you believe it or not, I’m gonna try to do the same.”- Rhodes said.

The 38-year-old champion is an ambitious wrestler who has had clear goals from the first day of his career, which he has adhered to. He dreamed of one day becoming the WWE champion, and his desire became a reality. Despite everything, Rhodes always believes he can do more. He has confirmed that his mindset has always been to be 'the guy' who attracts attention and is one of the main faces in the world of wrestling.

During his appearance, he also spoke about ambitions for the future, expecting to be the most profitable talent WWE has ever had. Emphasizing the work and effort of all these years, he wants to give WWE everything and offer fans what they have always wanted. 

His goal is also to leave a significant legacy after his career ends, but also to leave WWE in the right state. Rhodes is a person who has immense respect for WWE and the opportunity he has been given. The fact that his father and brother were part of the whole story is an additional reason why Rhodes has such respect.

His future holds a lot of good things, of that we are sure.

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