Eric Bischoff: "Here's Why WWE Fans Hate Goldberg"

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Eric Bischoff: "Here's Why WWE Fans Hate Goldberg"

Over the past two to three years, WWE has very often used Bill Goldberg's help as a main attraction at several company events. With the Stamford Federation Hall of Famer even becoming WWE Universal Champion after passing 50 years old.

Setting a new record for the McMahon company. Should he also grab the WWE title during his match at the Royal Rumble, against WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, he would also be able to become the oldest WWE champion in the history of the federation, surpassing Vince McMahon's record.

Obviously, all this has caused quite a stir within the WWE Universe, with fans lining up in two fairly large groups, between those who love and those who hate Da Man, with his detractors who would no longer stand the now 54-year-old fighter, considering him only a retired athlete who comes to steal the show from the young athletes of the federation.

Eric Bischoff tries to explain why fans don't like Goldberg anymore In his last speech to the microphones of the Riju Dasgupta broadcast, the former General Manager of Monday Night Raw, as well as director of the deceased WCW, Eric Bischoff, wanted to explain to fans and insiders why such a large slice of public can no longer stand the Hall of Famer of the McMahon company.

Eric Bischoff: "Here's Why WWE Fans Hate Goldberg"

He said: "I think it all stems from Goldberg's early career. Bill Goldberg became a mega star practically overnight. And as a result of this, Bill Goldberg was immediately inducted into main event matches with the greatest talent there was at the time, never really having the experience to be there, with the dramatic matches many have had, like Sting, or Chris Jericho, or whatever other legend you want to mention, no other top star has had his luck.

I think that due to Bill Goldberg's lack of experience at the beginning of his career and due to the fact that he now has never had the opportunity to increase his skills regarding in-ring techniques or the various skills of a wrestler, because of this, many now identify him as a limited wrestler.

I think there's still a lot of resentment in the fans' eyes for that. They understand the character of him, the great and powerful character he brings to the stage, but due to his limitations, which are dictated by what he can do in the ring, I think there will always continue to be this resentment and resistance towards Bill.

Goldberg ." Because of the lack of apprenticeship, therefore, according to Eric Bischoff there will always be a large portion of the public who will not love Goldberg, or who will flaunt the fact that they really hate his character, for not having seen his in-ring skills grow, as fact from all his colleagues.