WWE Star Reveals How CM Punk Helped Him Enormously

Although often criticised, CM Punk has frequently assisted his colleagues.

by Sead Dedovic
WWE Star Reveals How CM Punk Helped Him Enormously
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Popular wrestler Dijak decided to share an interesting story in a media interview in which one of the protagonists was CM Punk, the controversial wrestler. Dijak primarily focused on the preparations for the match against Eddy Thorpe in December last year. In an interview with WWE Die Woche, Dijak spoke about the injury he suffered before the match. He was primarily angry with himself, considering he knew how important that match was for Thorpe and what it would mean for his career.

“So I was bleeding and I was angry because I took the steps and I hit my head and nothing bad happened but I was — after we did the buckle and I got dragged to the back, I came to the back yelling and cursing and angry because I was angry with myself. I wasn’t angry at anybody else, I was angry with myself and a lot of the time, I project that out visually and verbally."- Dijak said, as quoted by Pwmania!

Dijak was expressing his frustration because he feared he had disrupted the entire match, and his main concern was for Eddy Thorpe. This match held significant importance for Thorpe, as it was a crucial moment in his career. While Dijak has experienced many important matches, he understood the magnitude of this match for Thorpe's career progression.

Dijak pictured various scenarios in his mind, and the first thing that came to his mind was that he might not be able to wrestle for the match scheduled for the next day. He felt anger and frustration, unsure of what would happen next. CM Punk was beside him, with whom he had spoken before, but he didn't realize how important advice CM Punk would give him.

“I thought medical was going to rush over and say, you have a concussion, you can’t wrestle and it’s tomorrow. This match is tomorrow… because we’re taping it in advance. So I was angry and for whatever reason, CM Punk was there. We had talked before. I had asked him for feedback on the Iron Survivor Challenge match so we had a bit of rapport at that point, even though it had only been a couple days."- he continued.

After calming him down and assuring him they would discuss the match later, CM Punk advised Dijak to prioritize his health. Following the incident, they had an important conversation where Punk shared his insights on achieving success in professional wrestling, particularly in WWE. Dijak found Punk's advice especially impactful given Punk's successful career and the credibility his words held.

"I was like, wow, it means so much more coming from him, because I know that this is tested advice.”- he said.

CM Punk
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CM Punk is a person with vast experience in the wrestling scene, and each of his pieces of advice can be of great importance. Dijak knew that besides experience, CM Punk also possessed qualities that added further importance. Although CM Punk is often discussed in a negative context in the wrestling world, Dijak believes that he is indeed an important figure and someone from whom you can learn a lot.

“It’s not just someone saying something or someone guessing. It’s a code that he’s lived by his entire career and no matter how many things he does and how many times he goes off or says something that he shouldn’t say or… whatever repercussions he has to deal with. This man is always the topic of discourse amongst the entire professional wrestling industry. So how could I not heed this advice?"- he continued.

Dijak and his career

Upon applying CM Punk's advice, Dijak experienced growth in his wrestling career. While he had always received praise for his performances, it wasn't until recently that fans began to invest in him as a character. This newfound authenticity has resonated with audiences, leading to a surge in interest and support for him over the past few months. 

Dijak believes that being true to his character is the quickest and simplest path to success in the professional wrestling industry. While he stresses that he's not yet super successful, he's pleased with the positive direction his career is taking. 

The shift from just delivering great matches to connecting with fans on a deeper level has made him feel more appreciated and valued in the industry.

Dijak is one of the wrestlers for whom many hold a high opinion, believing that he has yet to achieve great things in the wrestling scene. His qualities are unquestionable, as confirmed on a lot of occasions. We will see what plans WWE has for him in the future.

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