Dustin Rhodes Reacts to Cody Rhodes' First Title Defense

“Brother, there is nothing I want more for you than your happiness."- Dustin wrote.

by Sead Dedovic
Dustin Rhodes Reacts to Cody Rhodes' First Title Defense
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Cody Rhodes managed to defend his title against AJ Styles in a great match. Rhodes confirmed his ambitions, and it seems that there will be plenty of surprises in WWE in the upcoming period. Cody Rhodes' fans are happy after a great match, and especially joyful was Cody's brother, Dustin Rhodes, who expressed his happiness for his brother's victory through social media. 

Dustin Rhodes has been Cody's biggest supporter since the first day of his career. Dustin had a great influence on Cody during his upbringing, and Cody had the opportunity to learn a lot from him. Dustin reminisced about the paths they've taken and reflected on the pinnacle that Cody has reached now.

“Brother, there is nothing I want more for you than your happiness. We each have had our own path, we each have blazed our own trail and succeeded. We DO,when others WON’T. You have become the man I always wanted to be. Whether you know it or not, you are an inspiration to me in all areas of life. Honestly, in everything I do, I think of you. I am your older brother and will always fight for you and my family. Family is all that matters to me. You have done and continued to make unbelievable steps in your growth as a man, husband and father. I could not be any prouder of you Code!! I love you more than you know!! #TheBrotherhood @CodyRhodes”- Dustin Rhodes wrote. 

In the Cheap Heat podcast, Cody Rhodes also had words of praise for his brother, who impresses him day by day. Some hope that Dustin and Cody will have an interesting story in the future, but it is still unknown whether it will actually happen. Cody pointed out that it will be difficult to repeat something like that, but in any case, it would be a great thing.

“It’d be hard to do more. I mean, he lost like half his bodyweight in blood in the one match we did have.”- he continued.

Explaining why Dustin Rhodes deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame, Cody Rhodes emphasized his brother's meeting of the criteria and his exemplary behavior in overcoming personal struggles. Cody expressed pride in Dustin's ability to completely cut out negativity from his life and embark on a new chapter, stressing his brother's resilience and determination. He underscored Dustin's importance not only in terms of wrestling achievements but also in his personal growth and triumph over adversity.

Cody Rhodes
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From the first days of their careers, both have been huge supporters of each other, as could be seen in many instances. Cody Rhodes and Dustin are the sons of the great Dusty Rhodes, a wrestler whom all fans of this sport know, especially the older ones. Dusty was a star and a wrestling legend, and his sons simply continued where Dusty left off.

Dustin Rhodes was especially happy when his brother won the WWE title in a match against Roman Reigns. The Rhodes family had been waiting for that moment for so many years. Cody lived up to the family's expectations.

Explaining Cody's victory in winning the title, Dustin Rhodes recalled the nostalgic feeling it produced, reflecting on memories of their father celebrating similar triumphs in the past. He described the emotional experience of watching Cody's performance and the journey they took the audience on. 

Dustin Rhodes on his brother, Cody

Dustin expressed admiration for Cody's ability to perform consistently at a high level and transform into a mega star. He conveyed massive pride in his brother's achievement, emphasizing Cody's status as a superstar in the wrestling world.

Dustin Rhodes reflected on the differences in their personal styles, humorously stressing his preference for jeans and t-shirts compared to Cody's elegant suits. Despite their contrasting appearances, Dustin highlighted their mutual respect and the valuable exchange of advice between them. 

He acknowledged Cody's key role in founding AEW alongside influential figures like the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Tony Khan, recognizing how their match at Double or Nothing revolutionized the wrestling industry. 

Beyond Cody's accomplishments as a world champion, Dustin emphasized his brother's genuine character, describing him as a devoted family man with a compassionate soul. He expressed deep affection for Cody.

Now that Cody has achieved his goal, he will face many more challenges ahead. It will be interesting to follow his progress and upcoming matches. WWE is aware of the gem they have and they aim to capitalize on his qualities. Cody Rhodes is excited for the new chapter in his career, aware that this is the best period of his career.

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